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  1. WOW. Talk about a crowded station, but I like that. We need some sort of Grand Central Station in Houston. METRO buses, BRTs, light rail vehicles, and greyhound buses at on station? WOW. It helps it will be in downtown too.
  2. Bravo man. These are fantastic. You really know how to capture this city.
  3. Yeah Hizzy pretty much summed it up. The election results show the difference too for it being a suburb. Harris County side: Kerry Fort Bend side: Bush
  4. More pics http://www.pbase.com/john_huff/gulf_building
  5. Here are some examples of the detailed projects happening in cities across the country. Just to give you an example. Houston is mediocrity at best. Projects that strike me in this city are Cosmopolitan, Houston Pavilions, and Kirby Condos. Others are decent but nothing to write back home about. Los Angeles San Diego Chicago Minneapolis Seattle Houston These are just a sample. And for the record, no it is not about being like other cities
  6. So you are saying how attractive the environment is has little to do with how an area is rated? Have you ever been to a place that offers the "same ____ but different box", as some people say and never realized how one could be more well known and exciting than the other?
  7. I have always agreed with VelvetJ's post. I always cleaned off the ole specs and get ready for a schooling. No, but seriously. Midtown Coog, I feel that you agree with Velvet also, but your ego is just a little to high to admit it. Texas Pride is not an understatement. Most people probably do see where Velvet is coming from, but are being extremely complicated. It seems like we settle for mediocrity but then brag when we finally have a structure that can stand up with the rest of the world and we harp off of that one thing except being even greater than we can be.
  8. No, it use to be this. 002 magazine usually changes the images but keeps the same url, so the pic just changed.
  9. Some city officials want news racks off the streets 06:56 PM CDT on Tuesday, October 4, 2005 By Doug Miller / 11 News Read all about it -- some of Houston's city council members are upset about paper racks. What is bothering them isn't so much the newspaper racks as the advertising sheets popping up on city sidewalks. But the city might have a hard time controlling what critics call sidewalk clutter. Read More: http://www.khou.com/news/local/politics/st...s.c1316df1.html
  10. A Houston forumer at SSP posted some renderings of the bus rapid transit vehicles. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...451#post1617451
  11. Houston group buys Jackson Square Building By Laura Elder The Daily News Published October 3, 2005 Jackson action: A well-known building in Galveston
  12. Seriously Velvetj, when you have free time, why don't you write such things to the city council to express your thoughts and ideas?
  13. yep. an update is at the bottom of this page. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...5&pagenumber=46
  14. ^^ Not a bad idea, especially if the driveway to the entrance was lit, but the lighting looks ok to me already.
  15. Read here: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories....04132439&EDATE=
  16. You can also try Rice Military outside of downtown. Reasonably price modern townhomes with decent square footage. http://www.urbanliving.com/homefinder_more...7&mlnum=6531264 http://www.urbanliving.com/homefinder_more...7&mlnum=7763214 http://www.urbanliving.com/homefinder_more...9&mlnum=5152580
  17. If you haven't found out by now, suburbs are overrated and they are cheap for a reason. Nothing but me and my Cadillac, you might want to check out har.com under higrise condominiums. And search under your price range. http://har.com/cs_highrise.htm
  18. That's what I'm talking about.
  19. In the historic district. Where so many were removed. Maybe where Shamrock Tower was suppose to go. Close to the Rice.
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