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  1. Didn't you say the newspaper stands being removed will make the bums go away?
  2. Hey I'm not talking one time post, but things they say on the regular.
  3. Exactly. I just thought that one would have went over people's heads. You should have went ahead and inserted Chicago. How about this one people? "I'm from LA, and I can tell you Houston is not that bad."
  4. Probably How 'bout this one then? "Great, another place for the bums to sleep at night."
  5. MidtownCoog: "If you hate Houston, why do you live here?" citykid09: "Look at this new development in Atlanta."/ "When will this get built?" LTAWACS: *Do I even need to say it?* danax: Illegal immigrants in my neighborhood..................... VelvetJ: "Again, you just don't get it." UrbaNerd: "Citykid, stay in Bryan/College Station." nmainguy: "I disagree with you kjb434." LOL, ok ok, I can't think of anymore, but hopefully we have a sense of humor. If you got some, post some.
  6. Exactly and the prices are not that way off from the sheer variety of stuff that they offer. I found the one in NYC jacking up their prices a little bit though. When I lived in SF, the prices were not that high because of the competition they had in the city with local retailers. Maybe Virgin is not appreciated because of how big they have become, but they offer what any quality music store has, from R&B, hip-hop, punk, country, pop, etc, and then some.
  7. I would love to see a real flagship Soundwaves one day where possibly this local retailer could go nationally. Sort of like Starbucks in Seattle. Well not really, but you get the point. Anyway, putting Soundwaves in this development is so unrealistic though. These are huge developers out of California. Do you really think they are just going to scout out any kind of retailers to place in this project? I seriously doubt that. It's just wishful thinking. When I said Virgin Mega Store is a key tenant to Pavilions Projects around the world, I meant it is a retailer that almost comes standard with these pavilion projects. Do you really think the developer is going to do something special just for Houston and sway away from their key tenants just to put in a Soundwaves. Yeah right. Personally, in this situation, I hope they do not. As for as the London store, that is not the only location. Virgin Mega Store is from London and they have more than one location in the city. BTW, how many Virgin Mega Stores have you been in throughout this country. One would know, that they are not all alike. The Virgin in Phoenix is pure garbage because it is located in a mall. Visit the Virgin in Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans, or San Francisco, it makes it seem like the developers did not even try with the location in Phoenix. Hopefully an urban designed Virgin store could finally make it to Houston.
  8. Even if he or she didn't, the market for places like those in Houston is higher than it has ever been and to have the only one in Texas again would be great for Texas residents and our wealthy neighbors in Latin America. I know it is only one store, but anything to bring more money into the city.
  9. I think Virgin is a key tenant to Pavilion projects all over the world, of course it would be us to try to water down something. I cannot see how Soundwaves would be better for this project. People can go to Soundwaves all over the city. Do people on here realize that it is imperative to place retailers that are not found all over the metro, so people can have a reason to go to downtown? And before people throw out examples, Virgin is no Hard Rock Cafe. Soundwaves? LOL. Great, it is a local retailer, but that is like a million steps down. When I lived in Houston, I knew too many people that were longing for a Virgin Mega Store and since such stores usually make it to the Galleria, one in downtown almost sounds to good to be true.
  10. OK, what is that suppose to mean? Although I admit that I thought you were still in high school.
  11. Citykid, if you go into urban planning I certainly hope you listen close to the professor to see what your definition of urban or pedestrian friendly is. That apartment building is called the Renoir. Most of Randall Davis' apartments, other than the ones that are historical structures that have been restored, are not ped friendly or urban. Just because it is close to the street does not make it urban. If you are familiar with the property, there is no entrance that directly faces the street and lies on a sidewalk. There is even a gated lot for cars to park on the side of the building, with a gated garden on the other side. The architecture of the building is brutal when you think about what the developer is trying to create. Las Vegas even does a better job of recreating. LOL.
  12. Since everyone else around Uptown is becoming more ped friendly how bout we do the most innovative project in a mall's history. Making the whole Galleria ped friendly piece by piece. I say it could be done in 3 years start to finish. You all do know that they are getting rid of Regency Arms right and turning it to mixed use?
  13. No I didn't mean it like that. I mean't your words could be put to better use somehwhere else because we all are aware of what you are saying on this forum. It's some other people who do not like to recognize some of the faults in their own cities that we can clearly see, but they don't like to reccognize them. It's like point the finger at someone else so the attention is off of you.
  14. And Hizzy, your words do not belong here, but they were great. Some elitist on another forum need to hear them. edit: just a repost.
  15. Look as I said before in this thread, I like the concept of Atlantic Station with the walkability and all, but wouldn't it fit the description that you, and actually I personally, have been saying Houston has had recently with the shortcuts developers make when designing such projects? Just because Atlanta is a rival city, just like Dallas, does not mean we only have to look at what they are developing to see what we can match. Why not look at Portland's Pearl District or San Dirgo's Gaslamp District, or even Denver's infill patterns. They are the real deal. As I said before the town center developments, and that is what I get from Atlantic Station, is not trendy when trying to encompass it in an already urban area. I will say, of course it is better than what was there before.
  16. To tell you the truth. Again, hell no. You are on your own on this one. The quality of those things are quite low. I will tell you some of ATL's developments that I admire. These without the mega highway
  17. Example from Sixth Ward which is going under heavy revitalization. Before After
  18. I think that is the problem with this city. They are in for making the quick buck instead of taking some dollars and adopting a block and actually fixing things up one at a time. The fact that you are all for tearing down things really bothers me. As far as the rendering, that is not even Fifth Ward, but I believe that is Fourth Ward where some steps have been made, but developers are taking over that neighborhhod also.
  19. Please. You are not a very innovative person. If you think some of those areas cannot be fixed up in their current condition, you are batty. New Orleans may have a reputation of not being the most cleanest cities but they have some neighborhoods that use to be in deplorable conditions that are now some of the most beautiful and unique cities in the country. No visitors are truly going to give a rat's ass about what is really a town center. Sixth Ward is taking huge steps to clean up and people are moving in. Here is a rendering of one of Houston's plans to clean up one of the wards.
  20. No comment on the first paragraph. You have some points but I am tired of the whole rap stuff. Actually yes I would live in a shotgun, if they were fixed up and the surrounding neighborhood was also. There are some shotguns in midtown that are fixed up and I wouldn't mind living in those. Shotguns in New Orlens do not go for hundreds of thousands of dollars for nothing. The one thing I have learned about you, is that you have a souless view on cities like Houston. Shotguns have different styles and can be quite nice when fixed up. You just cannot appreciate history. http://img465.imageshack.us/img465/5607/a6lh.jpg
  21. and here are some pic i took of the sugar land development. http://img290.echo.cx/img290/9827/a9ol.jpg http://img290.echo.cx/img290/2296/aa5du.jpg http://img290.echo.cx/img290/7553/aa29sk.jpg http://img290.echo.cx/img290/6821/aa39gc.jpg http://img290.echo.cx/img290/3599/aa44kw.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/31/aa57qd.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/3550/aa67qs.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/2372/aa78rf.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/1766/aa97qt.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/4156/aa105ej.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/1674/aa114js.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/2166/aa125ln.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/4415/aa132wh.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/5289/aa145eo.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/6969/aa159wb.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/81/aa167yv.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/9397/aa178br.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/6645/aa180da.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/6826/aa192op.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/8421/aa208wo.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/6550/aa216zi.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/1274/aa223fc.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/3666/aa232ng.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/5456/aa246cn.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/8243/aa254le.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/7272/aa278ya.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/5587/aa284bz.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/3880/aa298xl.jpg http://img259.echo.cx/img259/915/aa307wc.jpg
  22. Thank you. It is so immature in my honest opinion. Goodness, I guess he does not realize he likes Atlanta better than Houston but he just can come to terms of saying that. New urbanism is not trendy within the city limits anyway. That's why you see so much of it in the suburbs. The whole build a whole area at once leaves little charm and character within a whole area of a city. What really erks me about citykid is he cannot appreciate the old urbanity in Houston and always talks about they should get rid of something and build some new urbanist crap. He even says shotguns are tacky to have in the city because we are too large of a city to have shotguns. That's what makes the south different from every other region. Don't destroy urban history. The concept of Atlantic Station looks great but the whole thing does not do it for me because it almost looks like a movie set.
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