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  1. Thanks for checking on me you all. I really do not have a reason why I stopped visiting HAIF other than I am doing something rare: I'm graduating from University of San Francisco and it only took me four years. ; ) Pretty much I have been very busy. I visit SSP every now and then and although it says I have not visited in a month and a half, I do not always log in when I visit. It is funny to read some of my old post on here. By the way WesternGulf, what neighborhood are you in? I did get your e-mail and I did e-mail you directly back.

  2. Some good news out of this thread. Hey, I shop at Forever 21 Men in Union Square in San Francisco sometimes and you can really dress the stuff up. I can say I am sick of the emo scene too, but you have to be really selective to pull off the look when in that store. You cannot beat the prices either.

  3. In fact, the existing rail line is probably closer. You just have to walk a mile (or something) from Main/Fannin.

    I use to live in a duplex style apartment near the Contemporary Arts Museum off of Bayard when I lived in Houston, only a block or two from the rail line, and that walk was hell.

  4. craigslist is godsent. :D I am moving to San Francisco in a few weeks and I was extremely nervous because of my fear of moving to the most expensive city in the nation and I did not want to live with the parents while I was in school. I checked out a few listings and I have found my place. That looks like a good listing above but be aware that looks can be deceiving. I found that out this week when looking at some places, but I found one that fits me. Good luck.

  5. Are the Richey Street rowhomes in the warehouse district sold out? I checked HAR but there are none listed. Just one more Sterrett Street condo left. I checked the Sterrett Street project website and it says the Richey Street elevation starts construction January 2006. Anyone been there since then to see if construction has started?

  6. This is the first time I have ever heard of these Diesel LRT vehicles. It just sounds disgusting. Are these part of the plans and what is the point?

    I believe that is what Galveston uses with their streetcars. No overhead wires I believe. Also the Perley Thomas streetcars on St Charles in New Orleans.

  7. Oh, gosh! Another imaginary thread.

    Thanks goodness. I thought this was an actual project when I read the title. I wonder if anyone even knows when the last skywalk was even constructed? Seems like more cities want to get rid of them that truly do not need them. *Ahem* Houston. Atleast they should.

  8. That's funny, kid! :lol:

    Oh...wait...you were serious? :o

    Here's a little project for you. Wage a campaign to have movie premiers in CS. You could re-name it "Little Hollywood on the Prarie".

    Sounds good, huh? And here's an added bonus: you could just STAY in CS or "Little H on the P"-as we'd like to call it. That way you wouldn't be bothering us by actually coming to Houston.

    I think it's a win-win for all of us!


    Probably posted for amusement but true words have never been spoken. I always wanted citykid09 to give up on Houston and start bugging Dallas since they are the booming ones. Citykid09, Houston sucks. Does that answer most of your questions now?

    Oh yeah, a new quote to put in the what quote describes forumers here thread: "I asked someone in Bryan how do they like Houston and................"

    Sorry Subdude and editor. I am just having a little fun.

  9. Oh no. No offense Velvetj, but as an extremely light skinned black person myself, that whole thing get's on my nerves. But anyway, I agree that the acting is not that great, but for the most part the girl is talented and yes it sounds like a personal issue, but we all have our opinions. As far as the joining Houston rappers that are starting to get noticed on a national level, I don't mean to try to defend the person, but just to be open minded, that is with every artist it seems and not just DC3. Is it the fact that the group is at a cerain status and they are not reppin'? What if it was someone like Brooke Valentine who has left Houston in the same fashion as evryone else.

  10. Beyonce is overrated? I would have thought she was neither over or under, compared to who she is up against these days. I mean she is one of the few that actually refuses to lip sync in performances and has anyone seen her without make up? Still better than average. OK, that's another thread.

    As far as the clothing line, she went a little far and is using her success to make a living. I remember when she announced the stuff, she claimed it would be affordable. I guess millionaires forget what is affordable after they have been up there for so long. I actually visited the website, and the stuff is anything but affordable. I will say the clothing line is overrated. :)

  11. So what's going on here? It's finally Texas' turn to vote for gay marriage huh? Well unfortunately, like someone else said earlier, we have the whole state voting. But we also cannot forget that some times politically conservative does not always mean socially.

  12. Mayor White Report Card off the top of my head:

    1. got a new contract with the firefighters, something that had not been done in the previous 5 years.

    2. fired the old police chief and got a new more proactive police chief.

    3. refinanced the city debt/bonds, saving millions.

    4. filled key city positions with bi-partisian city leaders, creating a real team-work attitude which has enabled this council to be proactive and get things done around the burecracy.

    5. created a urban planning position to help kick start urbanization in the city core.

    6. the new urban city park being built in front of the grb.

    7. positive national recognition on how houston handled the evacuees from katrina.

    8. has seized 1400+ tax delinquent properties in the inner city (crack houses) razed them and will be building low income housing during the next term.

    9. supportd financially the redevelopment of the jefferson davis hospital into the elder street artist lofts.

    10. fixed the street lights downtown.

    11. got a handle on the leftover brown administration over spending, limited city exposure to inflated pension plans.

    12. got the federal funds for metro to build more rail and bus rapid tranist.

    you guys that think white is ineffective must not have been here when brown was around. brown was a chump. i'm really looking forward to watching things get done during white's administration.


    I like #5. Pretty good resume I guess. Don't forget who brought rail to town though.

  13. Sakowitz is supposed to be getting an American Apparel store on the ground floor.

    Houston Pavilions is going to be next door to Sakowitz on the 3 empty blocks bounded by Main, Dallas, Caroline and Polk.


    Also Habita is opening, which is claimed to be a new chic industrial style retail concept. It is suppose to open February 2006.

    Also nmainguy, why is B) your favorite smiley?

  14. I HAVE TO SAY that i somewhat share Houstonsemipro's frustration regarding this project. When i look at all the multiple projects that are taking place in Dallas, i conclude and feel that Houston's a little on the slow side.

    Dallas mentioned the Victory Development and wide plasma screens not even a year ago. They've already begun to move some dirt showing progress and signs that the projects are moving along. It's frustrating. Dallas appears to be the most booming city in the state right now. Why can't we at least start seeing some dirt flying or being moved for the Pavilions? I'm mad as hell!

    Wrong. I have a friend in Dallas that has been waiting on Victory for years. Try the 90's. Maybe a Dallasite on this forum could tell you.

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