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  1. the fcc is considering allowing cell phone use on flights. the airlines wouldn't be required to allow it. so really, it would just become a matter of how important talking on a cell phone would be to consumers or how important it would be not to allow cell phone use on planes. I can't imagine a lot of people wouldn't have an opinion about this. i'm just not sure how strong those opinions would be.
  2. for someone who travels as much as I do, I think this would be annoying. I have no problem with texting, however. guess i'd just have to invest in some noise cancelling headphones. one more thing in my carry on.
  3. not positive, but i think the street is the romerberg. i think the bridge is called the Seufzerbrucke or the bridge of sighs named after the bridge in venice. the building on the left is some part of city hall. there's a ratskeller in there. i've passed that area many times, but i never pay attention to the names of the streets. hope that helps.
  4. we just received a letter today from post saying that construction will commence on monday, february 27, 2012 with scheduled completion fall 2013.
  5. so bart french from post properties just spoke with us. they want to break ground by the end of the first quarter 2012. Pretty much the same design. 242 units, 500 to 1200 sq ft. 5 stories. no retail. street level landscaping similar to the midtown property.
  6. Post has e-mailed the president of our development and said that construction will start in "spring" of 2012.
  7. so the past two days terracon and a drilling truck have been on the lot drilling in a number (at least three) locations getting, what i'm assuming are, soil samples. i'm not familiar with a lot of this stuff, but is this site preparation by post or another entity, or could this be something else?
  8. didn't see this anywhere yet. article on the movie from the chronicle. i'm looking forward to it. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/main/7604176.html
  9. it's not unusual for them to rely on automobiles to bring customers. the ones in fairfax, virginia, as well as albuquerque and santa fe come to mind. i've seen plenty of, both, urban and suburban stores. my impression is that they are usually placed in slightly more well-to-do areas. i can see one in montrose or the heights. and even the woodlands. i guess, we'll see. as far as alcohol, not sure if anyone mentioned it, but they have a pretty big wine selection. the store often has a quirky, islandy feel (trader joe's, trade winds, etc.)--often lots of orchids for sale, sometimes hibisc
  10. nancy sarnoff suggests that the operator might be alamo drafthouse. nice idea. http://blogs.chron.com/primeproperty/2010/08/from_angelika_to_alamo.html
  11. your assumptions about the difference in pay between much of downtown and the frontline employees is incorrect. i don't know what this will do to downtown--there are others on here who know more about that. as for residential, i can see kingwood taking a hit--not sure how big it will be.
  12. with the announcement of the senior executives, most frequent flyers on "flyertalk" say that the new company looks like continental with united's name, and i agree. the four continental executives are solidly continental, with start dates from the mid-90s. they have been with the company since bethune. three of the four united executives were brought in since bankruptcy and probably have no real identity with or loyalty to the old united. the coo of the new company has been with united since about 1969 when he started as a ramp worker, and worked his way up to the top. finally, the three
  13. http://chicagobreakingbusiness.com/2010/08/justice-department-approves-united-continental-merger.html doj approves merger
  14. maybe it's the same little bird that told swamplot: http://swamplot.com/walmart-yes-walmart-is-ready-to-land-on-heights-blvd/2010-07-01/
  15. i don't think anyone's covered this yet, but not a bad article in the new york times travel section: http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/05/09/travel/09hours.html
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