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  1. Your windstorm insurance may be less expensive, but I do not believe that Fort Bend County requires houses to be built to the windstorm standards that Brazoria County does. You might find yourself with a house with less strength in the face of strong winds.
  2. Well, it looks like the crime wave has hit Shadow Creek Ranch again... Read the story and see the video about how multiple cars in The Gables neighborhood were robbed recently: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=local&id=5653590 We may just need to station armed guards around the community. Wonder what that will do to HOA fees?
  3. ABC 13 News reported a week after breaking the initial story about the assault and abduction in Island Manor in Shadow Creek Ranch that the residents had called a meeting and invited the SCR HOA to participate. According to ABC 13, the representative from the SCR HOA decided not to attend. I believe this meeting occurred on Sunday evening, August 19th. To date we have heard concern only from the residents of SCR. Where is the SCR HOA? Where are the homebuilders? Where are the developers of the Town Centers and Waterlights District? Where is Pearland?
  4. You are right that we should all be vigilant, and our friends might have been more so. They are probably like most residents of Shadow Creek Ranch who believe it is somehow an island of safety just because it is so neat and manicured. However, they could have been pulling into their driveway instead of stopping to check the mail, and these guys could have jumped them then. How can anyone be more vigilant in such a circumstance? I actually think these guys were casing a house or waiting for someone to drive into their driveway, then saw our friends and took an easy opportunity. It does not
  5. My wife and I are having a house built in Shadow Creek Ranch right now in Biscayne Bay Village. The abduction and robbery from Friday night August 10th happened to friends of ours. They live in Island Manor in Emerald Bay Village. They were returning home late and decided to stop at their mailbox which is right at the entrance to the neighborhood. While the husband was checking the mail, a guy wearing a bandana and wielding a handgun jumped him and forced him to lie face down on the grass with the gun to the back of his head. His wife laid on their horn hoping a neighbor would look outside
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