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  1. These run $0.39/sqft + $89 per month, so for this property you are looking at $384.23 / Month.
  2. The price of this particular unit has dropped considerably. The seller is now willing to accept an offer in the $220's. Please call me at 281-664-8341 if you know anyone that may be interested; the current pricing for this unit does not drop below $275k!
  3. When you ask for recourse, I'm assuming you mean regarding the termites? If you are looking for some form of reimbursement from the previous sellers for the issue, then I'd revisit their "seller's disclosure" that you signed when you purchased the home. Were the termites disclosed? If you can prove that the termites were a known issue (to start, I'd call local termite companies and see if they have your address on file), then I'd pursue the matter further with a real estate attorney.
  4. For some reason I recall a seperate warranty company taking care of the home warranty work for many houston builders. I may be wrong, but you could ask your salesperson about it. In that case, if they went "belly up", you may still have provisions in place to service any warranty issues. PS. You may already know this, but I like to remind everyone I know because it seems to be a fact not widely known with new construction purchases. Be sure to estimate your payments based on a full appraisal; not land values. Be prepared for your escrow to contact you after your new appraisal hits the f
  5. Download The Floorplan Here Note: Since the unit is not built yet, these photos are examples of the rooms but is not this particular model. Type: Townhouse / Condo Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Price: $225,000 State: Texas City: Houston Zip Code: 77004 Status: Active Square Feet: 757 Please send PM for more information. Investor Special - Pre-Construction Prices This luxury condo unit is currently under construction at the Mosaic at Hermann Park and experiencing dramatic appreciation rates in 2007. Take advantage of discount prices before these units are complete, and utilize the
  6. First of all there isn't a catch. I won't sent you mail or bother you. You want a CMA, I'll send you a CMA. It doesn't take that much of my time to do at all. The reason I do it is that if somewhere down the line you meet anyone looking to buy or sell a home, you might think of me, and to me that's important. No catches, no gimmicks. I appreciate the kind words jm1fd. Besides, tax records can easily show anyone that information. (name and where you live)
  7. Are you talking about this plot of land along the bayou?
  8. Thanks for the detailed how-to Spiderman. If anyone needs a CMA completed, I can have one and sent within the morning/afternoon. We don't charge any fees; they're always complimentary. Just give me a ring with your address and we'll get it sent right over.
  9. I'm really curious as to how they'll divert the traffic in the area from families picking up their children. The article hints at a design focused specifically on handling this problem, but at that location Northpointe is only a two lane road. Just out of curiosity: Does anyone know the average earnings for selling off the wood when a plot of land is cleared like this? Who are the typical buyers?
  10. Drove by on the way home a couple of days ago and snapped a couple of shots. It looks like they are still tearing down and clearing the land, but the new school announcement is prominently displayed. Google maps doesn't have Northpointe Blvd. updated to pinpoint it on the map, but if you drive West on Northpoint Blvd. from Highway 249, you'll see the clearing on the right.
  11. Thanks you for clearing that up for me. I'll be sure to pass the news around our office to make sure no one gets slapped with a fine.
  12. I tried to read the article, but it looks like it's no longer available or moved. Just curious: What's the consensus on directional open house signs that are up for about 5 hours directing traffic to the particular open house in the area? Are these signs included with the new ordinance?
  13. I've never used any of them, but see if they provide a copy of their inspection reports? I believe they all have to use the standard report, but the good inspectors in my experience will include a final comments page (to break everything down in lamens terms) and pictures of the main issues they found. Also ask if it's okay for you to attend and ask questions while they are inspecting. Good inspectors will be passionate about what they do and are willing to educate you on things to look out for when buying a home.
  14. I contemplated getting this phone this year (birthday is coming up - all the more reason to justify the purchase), but it looks like I won't be able to. I still have until April of 08' to be in my contract with Verizon. Is it just me or does a 2 year agreement feel like an extraordinarily long time to bind someone to your services?
  15. I have one for sale in Oak Forest on Lamonte. I really like Oak Forest for it's location and ability to increase home values by rehabbing. I'm finding that many homes sold in the higher 100k price range have undergone a good rehab process, so if you can find one that hasn't and put some money into the property, it's money well spent. The biggest gripe about the home I have for sale on Lamonte though is it's location; many buyers are commenting that they don't like being right on Ella. I have someone who is really interested with no children though; we may go looking this weekend.
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