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  1. HTexas

    2416 Brazos St

    I think "Open City" was actually the bar that is next to Sage County, not the "Cook and Collins" spot. Looking forward to this new concept taqueria. If they can get the right Happy Hour menu and prices and really draw in the Midtown demographic of 20's and 30's and still be at least a little classy, it will work. There's so many of these taco spots in Houston that are successful, innovative, and reasonably prices (Velvet Taco, Torchy's, etc), they should follow the lead on these and then add that "rock n' roll" atmosphere like they say, in some classic rock music and memorabilia as the decor (
  2. Been noticing the recent clearing and beginning of foundation in the lot behind Walgreens at Brazos at Dennis. Anyone have any information on what's going in there? It's a small lot, don't think it would be residential since its surrounded by Walgreens and Wells Fargo.
  3. So any news on what will become of the old Late Nite Pie? Such a prime location. It just sits there as an eye sore when it is the perfect spot for a restaurant, bakery, or a much needed coffeehouse down in this part of Midtown.
  4. Quite exciting...this is a big parcel of land. I'm glad things are starting to happen around this part of Tuam. I wish they would do something with the former Late Nite Pie!
  5. There's some variance signs "Collision Cultural Center" posted on three sides of streets bordering Tuam @ Baldwin, Drew between Helena and Baldwin, and Tuam between Helena and Baldwin. The signs state "Cultural Colision Center". There are some old buildings on the property which is next to a Mercedes repair shop. Anyone have any info on what's going on? Looks like it is temporarily being used as parking by the bar across the street.
  6. HTexas

    "New" Union Bar?

    I have to agree...that cinder block wall doesn't help the bar and the lack of parking isn't great. I was excited for OTC Midtown. Sounded like they would have some good food in addition to drinks. I didn't see the reference on Facebook as to a grand opening. Passing by with nothing on the marquee and no signs of opening, I thought they may have run out of money before opening up.
  7. HTexas

    "New" Union Bar?

    What happened to OTC Midtown?? There is now nothing on the marquee after they have redone the outside and most likely inside of the bar. Thought it would be open now. Just curious if anyone knows the status of a grand opening.
  8. BRB - pics from the morning. Looks like they are gutting the inside and I would guess tearing down the building soon. Not sure of the plans for this lot.
  9. HTexas

    "New" Union Bar?

    Definitely official. I got a "Notice of Application" in the mail from TABC stating that OTC Midtown was getting a permit to sell alcoholic beverages. Owner is Strauss Bier Haus, LLC and the memo also references business partners Andy Aweida and Mohammad Baratizadeh. Hope that they turn out good. I noticed on the Facebook page that they reference "Pizza Grill"...that makes me happier that they potentially have something else to go there for other than drinks. I really enjoyed Dogwood last Thursday, but definitely have to go very early to get a seat and less noise. Beautiful place and inventive
  10. HTexas

    "New" Union Bar?

    So possibly OTC is moving or adding a location there on Bagby where Union Bar is located....
  11. I noticed the marquee today at Union Bar on Bagby stating "OTC Now Hiring". There is a fresh coat of paint and I've seen people working on it this week. The bar started out more upscale and seemed to turn into a dive. Does anyone know anything about what is going on with the revamp? I hope they do something worthwhile since I live so close by and would enjoy a cafe or less rowdy bar!
  12. The best place in this location was back several years ago before Aperture, Coffee Groundz, and Pilgrim's Cleaners. It was called Midtown Bagel. They had excellent food (bagels, pizza, etc) and great coffee in a casual atmosphere. I loved hanging out there and walking over there from what was Jefferson Midtown (Amli, Metro) apartments way back. Coffee Groundz was great when they first opened serving wine and Gelato. I sure hope someone comes in and drastically changes the place. I really want a great coffee house / bagel shop / wine bar within walking distance. They should model it after Brasi
  13. No doubt about it! I got to go to a private function at Ruby's on Saturday night....the food was definitely enjoyable...they brought by samples of the fajitas....I was shocked at how tender they were!! Maybe some of the best I've had!! I will order those next time! Their chile smashed potatoes were tasty too....good house margarita....above average but not the best ever....worth going to again and definitely my favorite of the three Midtown Mexican restaurants...
  14. Ruby Tequila's Rewards Program: Ruby Tequila's has a rewards program that'll keep you coming back formore! Current members, click to log in to the right. Want to be amember? Check out the membership benefits below, then signup with thelink on the right! Benefits of Membership: Points: $1.00 = 1 point. 100 points = a $10.00 reward.Point rewards will be applied on the following business day and willexpire 1 year from the date of issue. $5.00 Signup Bonus : After registering yourGuest Rewards card your $5.00 bonus will be loaded on your card. It isavailable for redemption on the following busin
  15. I think the opening has been moved up to next, Monday, Oct 12th according to the sign I saw outside the business...I will be there opening night! Our other Mexican restaurants just aren't exactly what I'm looking for...one is too pricey and crowded and the other has bad service and just "ok" food....
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