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  1. so have you been using the sprinkler system even though there is lots of water all around the house? i would think a leak would be isolated to a relatively small area, with the grass more lush in that area. if your supply comes in the front, i wouldn't expect your backyard to be wet as a result of a leak in the supply line.

    My yard is fairly big, so I do need to use the sprinkler even with water around.

    The water is mainly in the front side of the house, not much in the back. And it seems like sporadic, today the ground seems to be dry. But some days it has been REALLY wet without any rain.

  2. My house is in Katy and was built in 2006. Since about a year ago, I have been noticing water ozzing out occasionally from a crack in my driveway. I did not pay much attention to it till now, when suddenly my water bill has quadrupled. I don't know if the drivway water and the water around my house are related in any way.

    PS: I have a detached garage

    I have shut off all the faucets in the house and the water meter does not move. So there is no leak there. I also got the water company to come out and check the meter and it is fine. There is no loss on any channel of the sprinkler system, indicating no problem with the sprinkler system either.

    However all around the house, in genral, there is a lot of water. Whenever the lawn guy comes to plant a shrub in the front yard, he says there is so much water underneath the surface (even 6-8 inches underneath, the soil is REALLY wet)

    What can be the cause of the water? Whom should I call? How should I start to diagnose the cause of water loss ?

    I do plan on running each channel of sprinkler for two minutes and checking the water meter to see if any one channel is busted. But other than that I am out of ideas.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello,

    I am in a situation where I have no clue what my options are.

    I bought my first house in Mar 2008. At the time and even today, hcad.org shows the square footage of the house at 3545.

    When I bought the house, I used a broker who was a friend's husband, so I trusted him completely. His appraiser came up with 3477 Sq feet of living area, and based on that, the house was appraised at $350K. (I did not see copy of the appraisal at the time), but asked for a copy a couple of months after closing).

    I have excellent credit so I decide to re-fi my house with a different broker this time(Much better APR). The new guy uses his trusted appraiser and this appraiser came up with 3224 sq ft.

    The new appraisal has come at $321K. The new appraiser says the old appraisal was done incorrrectly and it included a workshop at the other end of the breezeway. Hence the old square footage is wrong. But this appraiser also forgot to mention 1 full bath in my house. The square footage maybe right, but the number of bathrooms mentioned in the appraisal are incorrect.

    I am totally devastated to say the least.

    I bought the house at the time, and paid for it based on the value that I thought was right for 3545 sq ft (even 3477 is acceptable, though not accurate). However I now feel cheated, because the house is a much smaller square foot than I thought it was.

    My dilemma, is can I sue the old appraiser for doing the appraisal wrong and asking for compensation because I paid way more than the house was worth for (at the time)?

    Can I get a copy of the original appraisal from HCAD and sue THAT appraiser?

    What about refund for the extra taxes I paid based on incorrect square footage?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Still trying to find the reason for this. I have never had this issue in the apartment that I used to live in jm1fd.

    I do not have any idea of electrical systems or how they work or anything. Hence I was saying things as a layman. I do not re-call thermodynamics from college ;)

    So if the lamp will stay on, why won't the power adapter? Your messgae does make sense now. I have this issue when I run the laptop on it's battery and try to re-charge the battery after an hour or so. It does not charge up. So I have to move to the next plug point in the room and it works

    Is there any way other than UPS, to get the same power plug to keep working without interruption?

  5. I work from home and use my laptop constantly. since I have a small infant as well, I often work from my master bedroom.

    I use my power adapter connector to the plug points in the room. The funny thing is, the plug point stops working after three days. I have to start using the next one. Then the next one stops working after 2-3 days. So I switch back to the first one.

    This is VERY annoying for me.. esp coz all of a sudden my laptop battery stops charging and I have to remove the power adapter and plug it into a new plug point.

    Any advise on how to diagnose what the problem is, will be very helpful.

    Also my plumbing makes a lot of noise..e.g. when water is running upstairs or when someone flushes the toilet upstairs. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

  6. I recently bought a 2 year old home in Katy. Since it is a foreclosure, there are a lot of unknowns with the house. I would like to hear from people who have home warranty as to which company are they using and what has been their experience. I am mainly looking to cover the basic stuff, like A/c Heat plumbing etc.

    I am replacing all appliances with brand new ones so those will have their manufacturer warranty at least for one year.

    Thank you all in advance.

  7. I am planning to buy a house in Houston. It is a big house and has a lot of hi-tech stuff. Things like pre-wired for speakers, motion sensor lights, dimmers in each room, elevator etc etc.

    I am looking for recommendation on a good home inspector who knows electrical cricuits very well.

    It's a fairly new house (1998).

    Thank you in advance.

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