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  1. Thanks for this walk down memory lane. This was my dad's favorite restaurant. You walked into that cowboy looking front and the waterwheel room in the back was awesome. We used to get the big pile of shrimp and fries and onion rings. I remember that bread too. Brings back fond memories of a simple time.
  2. Courthouse on shaw in pasadena had the sign as of a couple years ago. The Chronicle had an interesting article in their "texas" magazine on sunday several years ago on homes behind Meyerland with shelters, i believe off Jason street. i guess a builder included them with the house. Kinda pre-fab tubes.
  3. i grew up in the area and all i heard (in the late 70's) was speculation of an indian graveyard on the southern side of diamondhead. At the time there was just a contractor's dump back there. I believe they have built it up. Also was told of ghost sightings at end of road that was the first little road toward the river on north side of RR tracks on 2100
  4. I miss Pino's the most. I go to their place in Bryan when I can but is not the same. One of the oddest places we used to frequent as a kid was Western Travellers BBQ on hwy 90 in Sheldon. The front half of the place was a typical western BBQ place with wagon wheels and john wayne pictures and clunky wooden floor. The back restaurant was a seafood place you went to a 2 story back room that was themed with polynesian huts and an artifical creek fed by a water fall and the walls and ceiling had glowin the dark stars. My dad would get us the shrimp platter and it was all you could eat. It b
  5. What was the play park around TC Jester and the loop probably where the Boy Scout building is now. I went there a couple times as a kid and drove by it often. I thought it was Peppermint something.
  6. Are you talking about Hamburgers by Gourmet? They had a mushroom for a sign. They had one in the old Roy Rogers (which I remember as a kid) at the Galleria. My all time favorite restaurant is Pino's. I go to College Station to eat at the brother's place. But nothing beats Pino's.
  7. Here is a picture of my dad and Norman Pierce at OK tire company on Washington Ave. Can anyone name the car? I haven't a clue.
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