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  1. Why sit around and wait for Pearland to clean itself up, how will they EVER remove the crime in mo city, around Hobby and down 288? THEY CANT. I won't sit around and wait for a tacky mall to be built and a few shops. If you have noticed- see how many shops have gone under in west pearland in the past year? off the top of my head and by no means the full list: GIA Melys Kennedy's Closet Fun Time for Tots Toddler Fun time Muddy Waters The Wings place There are currently THREE business's within the Bushi Ban devlopment next to Krogers that have notes and locked doors on the outside! East pearl
  2. Hi all, this is my first post and bear with me. I want to get some things out. I know the woman in question with the attempted car jacking, its very real and very scary. With that said, My husband and I purchased a home in silverlake in 2002, we were full of happiness, excited about the future of the area, that a hospital was coming, mall is being built, only wonderful things in store for pearland. As alot of us thought. That has sadly changed. The observations are quite accurate on this thread. Mo City continues to drive alot of people towards the west side, as does some parts of the airport
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