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  1. I heard the USPS recently hired Colliers to appraise this tract and a few others for disposition.
  2. H-Town Man...a little Hines fanboy, huh?
  3. "family planning visits" Is that what people call infanticide these days?
  4. My source told me that is exactly what Crescent did to accomodate the tenant beginning with H. check your sources pal.
  5. Are you sure you have a reliable source...its a done deal. Watch the papers (chronicle, hbj or globest.). the deal, I heard, was leased and presold before a shovel hit the ground.
  6. Not true. Not sure where you are getting your info, but my source tells me that a lease has been finalized and is ready for signature. This deal is DONE and a press release will be issued very soon.
  7. No, just a Monday morning quarterback with no skin in the game, just like everyone else on here.
  8. Just you wait. All I can say.
  9. Just you wait, you'll be eating crow before too long.
  10. yeah, i heard 29 above grade. you should be ok. i think the 6 HC skybridge will connect to 1 HC though.
  11. I noticed they park cars there in the evenings for Astros games, but not during business hours. Wonder why that is. They seem too far behind the other two towers.
  12. What's the latest with this deal? Anyone...anyone?
  13. Oh, I thought that maybe you had some inside info as to why it might not happen. All I have heard is that it is happening for sure. They have been delayed, but all indications are that it is still going up.
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