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  1. I was so sorry to see that my favorite seafood restaurant has closed. Anybody know what happened??
  2. Anyone ever eaten here? How are the chicken fingers?
  3. Did they go out of business? I was driving along FM 518 and noticed a huge "retail space for lease sign".
  4. My family and I went to Mooyah's last weekend as well and we will NOT be back. The burgers are not worth the price and their hygienic practices are questionable. I didn't like the fact that they kept the same latex gloves on while making burgers, cleaning equipment, taking credit cards and money from customers, and going in and out of their stockroom.....gross.
  5. Wow, another Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar....smh
  6. More crime in Pearland: http://www.khou.com/topstories/stories/kho...g.17933959.html
  7. Not surprised. The Pearl Dynasty in the Kroger strip center on FM518 is not the best either. I finally stopped going there after giving them several chances....lol.
  8. They really need to close the one in Pearland. The food tastes like it was frozen then microwaved.
  9. I agree and that is exactly my point, the restaurants seem to be thriving. I've eaten at most of them, BJ's, Gringo's, Red Robin, Fish City, Mimi's...etc. and they were either packed or full. The stores don't seem to be thriving IMO.
  10. I shop at that Macy's as well and I usually see more customers in there than in Dillards. I can also tell that their product selection is limited.
  11. 50% of all stores???....I find that extremely hard to believe.
  12. I've shopped at this store on several occasions since it opened and I can't help but notice the lack of customers. I've been there on a Saturday around 12 noon and the store seemed a bit empty. I was there on a weekday around 11 am and I felt isolated. There were only a handful of customers in the entire store. The salespeople looked bored. I hope Dillards makes it because it's such a beautiful store.
  13. The real problem for that subdivision is WHO will Royce sell the empty lots to? It would be tragic if they sold those lots to KB homes or some other low end builder. I am so glad we didn't build there.
  14. Anyone have a house on contract in Southfork? What's going to happen now that Royce may file bankruptcy? I feel sorry for the people who bought homes there thinking that subdivision would be comparable to Shadow Creek Ranch.
  15. They are gross. My kids love them though. Anyway, why do we need another McDonald's on 518?? There is one right across from the Kroger about 2 miles down the road.
  16. The Cheesecake Factory may be overrated, but it draws people. I can never go there for dinner and not have at least a 30 minute wait. It's also decorated beautifully inside....
  17. No more Cheddars??.... I was looking forward to having one close by. Well, I see they're putting up another McDonalds.....wow just what we needed....
  18. I haven't been in that particular area in awhile, so I can't really comment on the article. However, the article would have one to believe that FM1960 is in serious decline. The comments made by many of the readers of this article are that basically FM 1960 has become infested with crime caused by Metro, Katrina evacuees, low rent apartments, vacant strip centers and low performing schools. Some people feel like zoning is the answer.
  19. I'm glad to hear that most people out here want some higher-end restaurants. I'm literally sick of Chili's, Olive Garden and TGI Fridays. Give us Vic & Anthony's, Grand Luxe, Cheesecake Factory, Brennan's...etc.
  20. You're right. I'm sure CiCi's Pizza was stiff competition for them. My husband likes Centercourt Pizza...
  21. I agree. That storage place is simply in the wrong place now.
  22. Cracker Barrel has great food....and yes the biscuits are hmm hmm good!
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