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  1. I happened to drive by yesterday, and I am not entirely sure they are demolishing the entire structure. They were very carefully demolishing the end cap near the car wash. The entire place is still operational, and there doesn't seem to be any signs of the tenants moving out any time soon. This is a great piece of property which has been severely underutilized for a long time. The greyhound station will need to disappear as well before any viable buyer considers developing a class A or B type project.
  2. I have one unit left in the Holman Luxury Apartments in Midtown. It's a Historic Art Deco Building, that has been renovated head to toe. Click on the link to go to learn more. http://web.me.com/kayvan I also have one unit available in a high-rise condominium on Main St. All Bills paid $1,195. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=31611141&backButton=Y&Address=2016%20Main%20St%201203 Thanks
  3. 2 large one bedroom apartments available. Click on Link below for additional info. http://web.me.com/kayvan
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