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  1. Yes, green is good (I've added a few). So the updated list of Houston's architectural "gems": Minute Maid Park (this ballpark is absolutely one of the best I've been to) Williams Tower (I like how Philip Johnson also continues into the Galleria w/ streetscapes) Sugar Land Town Square development (from a walkable standpoint) Enron Building (even with all of the negative PR-- I really like it) Wortham Center (even though it appears to lack detail, it speaks of it's time) The Menil Hobby Center for Performing Arts BMC Campus, Westchase Woodlands Town Center The Rice Hotel/Lofts MFA's Mies additi
  2. I've read that the Urban Land Institute's local chapter has formed an awards program in hope to honor "projects of merit" in the Houston region. http://www.uli-houston.org/newsevents/newsevents_070914.htm I've only lived in Houston for 4 years, and I still do not feel like I know all of the "architectural gems" that probably most of you know about. If you had to pick your favorite 5 "must sees" in and around Houston that you would honor with your "award of distinction", what would they be? My current picks (remember, I'm the naive newcomer): Minute Maid Park (this ballpark is absolutely one o
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