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  1. People of Houston, hear this... When are you people going to face it?! Houston is never going to be NYC or San Francisco.... The city simply wasnt planned to be a dense urban setting. NYC is dense for a reason. Fact is, 10-15 years ago nobody even wanted to live in the inner city. NYC was the slums, and so was downtown Houston. If you haven't noticed, every movie for the 13-33 year old crowd is set in NYC, and now suddenly everyone wants to move back into the downtown areas of the city they live in. Face it, youre not going to get what you see on tv. Houston is never going to have blocks of brownstones and converted buildings like they have on the east coast. The best your going to get is going to be west u and the heights for a good mix or residential and commercial. And as for the BLACK/WHITE comments going on. Give it a rest. Its the natural cycle of human nature. People NATURALLY tend to aspire to better things. Think of the jingle from that tv show "movin on up, to the east side..." What that means is the game never ends... Richer, better educated, stylish, "high" class people are always going to be chased out of their communites by poorer, ghetto, welfare check cashing, thugs... Its a game of cat and mouse. Also, Black people stop being mad at white people!!! Its pretty lame... Its a fact that in the US the majority of lower income people are a minority, AND its a fact that of all the minorities in the US Black/African Americans are the largest. Its a fact that the majority of "higher" income people are white. google the prison ratios if you dont believe me. And its a fact that if you turn on BET anytime of the day your going to see thugs, gangsters, slang, purple cars!!, sloppy dressing, wild color clothes, etc.. I mean the channel is named after you! If you have a problem look within... *noteable fact: im neither black, nor white...
  2. Does anyone know where I can find old photos of the Hieghts and Norhill neighborhoods? Any help would be great.
  3. How do you get the HAR realtor site? do you have to pay?
  4. Actually, I was leaning toward wood siding to get the "Heights" feel back into the house. Its a forclosure and I dont close until next month, so Im not sure yet if if has wood siding underneath. And if it does, it may need replacing anyways. I'm just curious how much re-siding a 1000sq bungalow in wood would cost. Thanks for all the help!
  5. Are there any alternatives to wooden plank siding for bungalows? I live in a Heights bungalow that has asbeastos siding. I dont like to look of the siding and prefer the wooden siding in most other homes. Is replacing the siding with wood plank a good idea?
  6. Actually, I am looking for older photographs (i should have been more specific). I contacted Sloan Gallery, but they havent responded. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, Does anyone know if photos of this intersection exist? I've tried a few places but cant find any!!
  9. Many of you may have seen my previous post offering $500 for the "this is our home, its not for sale" video. The reason I offered so much was becuase I was buying a house in the Neighborhood. Actually the house is on the west side of 288 and the neighborhood is called Almeda Place. My contract fell through so Im letting you guys know the house is still for sale and shes actually lowered the price to 190k. If your familiar with the area you'll know this is a STEAL!!! I've decided to tell the forum here becuase I know nobody here will knock it down and build townhomes. It was build in the 1930's, 2 story, original hardwoods, and is in pretty good shape. Its on a great streat with 2 large houses next door. I hope one of you gets it and restores it back to original shape. The owners name is Madelyn Burley and she lives next door towards almeda. If your interested I suggest you drive down there asap and meet with her. The house for sale is 1709 ruth st 77004 good luck!
  10. No joke... I was viewing some lofts in that area a few months ago and as we were walking in the front door a crack head ran up to us and tried to sell us 14k gold jewelry! Needless to say, my girlfriend was scared enough to not even look inside the loft and we left. If stuff like that happen in broad daylight, imagine what can happen at night..... Safety for yourself and your family should be #1
  11. When do people start moving in? Im curious if the mosaic has had trouble closing on the condos beause of the new credit crisis. I reserved one of the condos on the downtown side about a year ago now, but backed out after a couple of months and got my reservation money back. But if remember correct you had to sign a contract and put a non refundable percentage down to almost a year in advance. now that the construction is complete has anyone had any trouble closing? just curious.
  12. Does anyone have a copy of this video? I've looked for about 2 years now, and am desperate. If you do please respond to sgarcia1443@yahoo.com and I will gladly purchase it. Any other old photos of Riverside terrace/Third ward area also greatly appreciated.
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