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  1. Back in the late 1950's and early 60's there was a club called the"Club Gulfgate". It was in the days that you could not sell mixed drinks unless you were a private club so everyone would have to have a "membership". It was underground basically across the parking lot from the bowling alley. My Dad was the manager of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. store so I spent a lot of time at Gulfgate. There also was a music store called Holland Music and I took guitar lessons there that were given in the basement. I remember my parents going to hear one of our relatives, Smokey Wood, known as the "Housto
  2. Back in the early 1960's there was a golf course on Bellfort across from Hartman Jr. High. I was wondering if anyone remembered it. I think it was a Country Club. At some point in time a large ship was moved in and remained there for a number of years.
  3. Why can't the dome be used as a soccer stadium? No rain or heat and the roof could be painted like a soccer ball. All we need is David Beckham and we might be able to fill it up, considering the 66,000+ fans that came to the Red Bulls/Galaxy game.
  4. Yes that's the house on Glenforest. The plans do have a seal of the State of Texas and it says "registered architect" and over the seal is his signature and the number "1662".
  5. Does anyone have any information on Lewis S. Maguire who was an architect - engineer who designed and built at least one mod in Glenbrook Valley in 1957. On the original plans for the house, his office address was 4211 Leeland.
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