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  1. set to open 22 November. https://theleadernews.com/zuvies-brews-local-brewery-upgrades-location-as-another-prepares-to-open/
  2. Seems like personal preference for now. Time will tell I guess, but, sure does not seem like that is the case at the moment.
  3. A lot of neighbors will walk and ride bikes to this development. Not putting in a garage was not due to a misconception, and the presupposition was that people would walk.
  4. The business "left" because WF is taking their space to improve the store's offerings/size. They have already improved (read increased) offerings all across the store but adding more space will bring them closer to a traditional WF. I don't know how often many or any of you shop at this store, but its consistently shopped by neighbors from IH and GO. We often see the same people in the store and honestly the staff at this store is service levels above any other grocery store in the area. I'm personally happy to see that they value feedback from the neighborhood and are making changes for the better.
  5. I live in the Garden Oaks Section 1 between yale and shepherd and beg to differ. There are right now around 5-10 tear downs with Whitestone and Rob Ryan (as examples) building on them in the section with pretty extensive remodeling going on in at least another 5-10 houses. We are also bordered by Cottonwood and the likes of Shepherd Park Plaza (Pink's, Shepherd Park), and the Aldi is just on the other side of the tracks on the west side which are pretty solid redevelopments in my opinion. East of Yale, no real objection to your comment except for the decent commercial warehouse selections and renovations to some of the older ones which are currently on going right on Yale and right next to this development.
  6. As for the 365, with Amazon removing the brand it appears this store is heading towards becoming a more traditional Whole Foods. The Peli Peli is closed and moving over to the Post Oak store. Supposedly that section will become more area for store products and they will be growing products across the rest of the store as well. Hopefully they add a bar but thats just wishful thinking on my part.
  7. you guys seem grumpy. a lot of jumped conclusions from a 13 word quote - seemingly edited from a longer conversation to intentionally show a counterpoint...
  8. good find, thanks for posting
  9. sorry its the zacaputo bus "station" on this lot.
  10. Interesting. Where will the Tornado Bus "station" move to...
  11. Looks like we have our answer. https://houston.eater.com/2018/6/18/17474746/la-grand-rue-wine-bar-houston-heights-opening-fall-2018
  12. reaching back almost 2 years for that one...
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