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  1. I noticed that too! I want to take my dog over there! I wonder if I would get in trouble for trespassing! That's it! A huge Dog Park! Astroworld Plot has found it's calling!
  2. Watching that Lighted Crane behind Kroger is pretty cool in the evenings!
  3. Never a Big fan of Kroger, but I do not have anything else reasonably close to my home. I prefer HEB! Kroger needs to revise their hiring process... I have a complaint almost every time I go just because of the people working there! ...but that is why they can sell groceries cheaper!
  4. I also noticed they have a little softball field and volleyball court over behind Kroger. Is that just a community improvement or is that owned by the hospital?
  5. If you do not put the retail / restaurants in the Hot Spot where the rent is high or the land is way too expensive you gamble on not getting that "foot traffic." That's why the Downtown Tunnels get so much traffic... it is more convenient to walk than get in your car, get out of the parking garage, eat and come back! You have to be in that "Walk to in 5-10 Minute" zone! Anyone know where that is? I want to start the restaurant now! I hear the lack of food establishments complaint all the time.... There is Main... but at lunch it is not practical to drive there... There is a Subway off OS
  6. I wanted to resurrect this thread because I have never found a decent Plumber!
  7. 1174 Sq Ft 2 story Loft style Townhome .... Water heater bill dispersed in Monthly Maintenance Built in 1983 Highest $136 AMIGO Energy All flourescent Bulbs - programable thermostat - 2 year old a/c system - Energy Star Appliances(all less than 2 years old)/ Sealed up behind Electric Outlets and switches / Resealed exterior doors / all large single pane windows face east- west / Replaced flex tube for dryer vent for rigid tube and sealed up with mastic / sealed all a/c registers with mastic / Caulked everything for the first time since new in December/ Most of the Energy consumed in a centra
  8. I loved Prince's Burgers on S. Main? The best O-Rings! I was there the last night it was open and got one of the actual Menu boards. Hot rods all over and we got it on a camcorder! Hmmm..... come to think about it I have never eaten at one of the new ones! Billy Blues on Richmond had some good BBQ! I showed up there for work one dayand the locks were changed! My good buddy was a manager at Pappamia
  9. They should put 500 Billboards up and lease them out! How about a high tech HD Drive In? It would not take up too much room! Just a Thought!
  10. Very interesting forum...... Go on! My Case... I have always purchased the two year old car, until 2004 in which I bought a brand new car... 2K down 0% interest.... Payment = $397 I pay $400 According to KBB I am ahead by $2700.. (I know my car is only actually worth the market) At 0% interest I have stayed very close to depreciation! My Wife Leases... Minimal Payment like $200ish (so she can shop and save more) ^Not a bad concept.... I am pretty sure, unless I buy an old classic car for fun, I will always have an Auto payment. ....so why not minimize the car par payment and invest the rest...
  11. That will be decided by if they can sell Liquor or Not.... I don't know if that is in or out of the Blue Law ZOne!
  12. Well Check this out! I went to McAuliffe and Willowridge my freshman year then my parents moved to Katy because of schools. I am White..... It was tough being one of 20 white kids in the whole school, but it was all I knew.... so I did not care, I did not experience anything else until the move to Katy in 1992 (Culture Shock) It was like walking into an episode of the "Wonder Years" If that is all you know it is not bad.... but I can remember waiting for the bus in the morning and another school bus would come by and taunt us! One day they jumped out the back and a huge fight broke out! po
  13. Wow McAuliffe! I was part of the first class there when it was new! Not a Great area! I would be pissed if I bought a 250K Home in Shadow Creek and my Kids went to those schools!
  14. It is not cheap to let land sit around like that!
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