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  1. That is a great list. I am tring to find the thread discussing "City Centre??". The project going up in Town & Country on the old mall site. I searched for a thread and could not find one. I know there has be one on this project. Thanks
  2. I have not driven by in a while. How far along is construction. Last I saw they were moving dirt. This projects has seemed to take a long time to get off the ground. Sandy Aaron is usually fast as heck with his projects.
  3. I have not been out there in a while. Is ther other inline retail or is this a freestanding building. I am interested in the tenant mix that followed Whole Foods to this location (which is fantastic). Great corner.
  4. I have always had good luck using www.servicemagic.com to find contractors. Give it a shot.
  5. I heard this on the radio this morning. I almost got in a wreck. I had not heard that name in many years. He sort of dissapeared after the Oilers let him go. I think he is too far removed to be successful in this day and age. His age scares me and his absence from college football is almost 20 years. If Maggert thinks this is the best move then I am all for it. It would get a little press going for the Cougs. BTW, I have not been on this site for over a year. Why, I am not really sure, but It has changed a bit and I am trying to figure out all the upgrades. Looks great !!
  6. I am not sure there is really way to protect a development idea. If you could give me an idea of what you are referring to I might be able to help. I know quite a few developers. If you do not have anying to put into the deal (ie, land, cash or even experience) I am not sure your idea will get you very far. Good luck.
  7. I am so happy the Cat has a loving home. I am sorta wishing we would have taken him, but 2 cats is probably enough.
  8. This page has been floating around for a long time. I remember seeing this page probably five years ago. you know it is awesome when you get sent the link about once a year. good work. Ferries are Gay.
  9. I have gotten that same error message twice. Both times were at 4-5 in the afternoon and I figured it was a traffic issue.
  10. There are about 8 of us interested in heading down the Dog Track saturday night. We are coming from Westchase area so it will be quite a trek. Nobody wants to drive. We are thinking of hiring a van + driver or a mini bus or even an Excursion or some other large car. I guess I will hit google. Anyone know of any driver services that would haul 8 of us down to the track.
  11. Excuse my ignorance, but where exacatly is Sawyer Heights. Can someone link a google map showing where the new Target is going up. I am confused. Thanks.
  12. YES, you are correct. Thank goodness it was not Pee.
  13. No Worries. thanks for the follow up though.
  14. 'I used Carfax when I bought a used Audi back in 2001. the car was 3 years old and it told the whole history of the car. Pretty Cool and I think it was only $20-$30.
  15. Actually the Railhead turned into Club 6400 and has been about 10 clubs since. The Boston Tea Party was on Westheimer I think where Molinas now sits. Is Michealangelos closed. I ate there a couple of years ago?
  16. Problem is that once they wrap the credit card debt into their mortgage and have zero cc debt they go right out and get back into debt. Now they owe $20k more on their house at 6-8% and then have another $20k on their CC's at 20%. It is amazing, but I know people who have done this. Including an ex girlfriend that was crazy stupid with her spending. Good thing she is gone. Oh yeah, and Royce sounds pretty desperate to be offering free gas for a year. The price of gas is not what would bother me, it would be the time in my car !!
  17. Let me know before you send him to the SPCA. I am sure you will find a nice home for him, but IM me if you can not find a decent home.
  18. Maybe so. Maybe I got the name wrong. At any rate, I am glad you two agree with me. I took offense becuase earlier in the post I had reccomended Fred Brock with Aim inspections and Flippers post seemed to be calling out my inspector as an amatuer. Which of course is false.
  19. I always thought the leaf meant you were either Canadian or liked Weed. Or both.
  20. I love that cat. I would be all over it, but we already have two boy cats. I think bringing in a third would be too much to handle.
  21. I agree. This building is not going to get built. It will obviously not be a casino.
  22. I do not see this happening. The Rodeo yeilds too much power and will get too greedy and ruin this whole concept. I am about ready to say tear the sucker down, build a hotel and a few parking garages and move on down the road.
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