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  1. If there is a more appropriate forum, please move... I received an email this morning from the Houston Planning Department about new requirements for solid waste plans and new developments. The memo is at https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/DevelopRegs/docs_pdfs/Solid_Waste_Plan.pdf. It seems to say that each new residential development will need 10 feet of curb frontage for each unit. Am I reading this right? Seems like this would have a huge impact on some types of townhome development inside the loop. In particular, splitting a 5000 sq ft lot in two, with a double car drivew
  2. The State of Texas has specific rules around the creation and dissolution of the district. The truth is that the District Court found that a mistake was made when the Montrose Management District (at least the west half) was founded. They did not have the minimum number of property owners sign the petition for formation. Also, over 1,000 owners of assessed properties signed petitions to dissolve the district after it was formed, which was greater than the 80% threshold needed according to the law. However, the district unilaterally rejected the petition as invalid. These are the issues t
  3. I know I am running the risk of bumping this thread needlessly, but I noticed on the city of Houston permit report that a number of permits were issued to Tellepsen construction for Regent Square. The summary from the report pasted below. If you look up the individual permits by permit number the buyer is "Tellespen" [sic] and the owner / occupant is "Regent Square..." Perhaps they are about to start construction? 77019 2016/10/14 Building Pmt 15014370 3515 W DALLAS ST FL1 HIRISE APT W/CLSD PKG GARAGE/A
  4. They are relocating the power lines that run down the street that is to be abandoned. They are routing them north on Smith to Anita, and then over. Notice that the new concrete utility pole is actually "in" the street that is to be abandoned (rather than on the sidewalk).
  5. I think this map shows the use on the ground floor of the buildings proposed / built. I believe the pink color represents retail - there is a retail space for lease at the corner of the Sovereign. A large portion of the sovereign on the ground floor is the parking garage.
  6. I made the very end of the North Montrose meeting. No one form GID was there - said they "weren't ready yet." Took a picture of phase one. Stated same start date of Q4 2016 and said that Telepson was the GC.
  7. I didn't see post about the North Montrose meeting in time, but I did attend the meeting discussing the plans for Dunlavy as part of ReBuild Houston. Several representatives from the architecture firm doing the design work for Regent Square. They said the work currently underway on Dunlavy at Allen Parkway is in part being performed as part of that development. They said phase I should break ground in Q4 2016, and considerable money was being spent by GID in preparation for that event. They said phase I would include the Alamo Draft House (near the cemetery), the commercial buildings at t
  8. Work occurs sporadically at best. There was a spurt of activity about 1 month ago, but since then nothing has been done as far as I can tell. I'm not in the construction / development business, but is this a sign of financing issues, labor issues, or other? I can't imagine anyone beginning one of these projects without a clear financial path to completion. I'd be surprised if anyone would lend money for a project that wasn't 100% financed in some way. Anyone have any insight?
  9. Soil samples could also be due diligence related to a sale I suppose
  10. Can you reveal where you read that? I figured this was coming but it seems odd given they were doing soil work just two weeks ago. Honestly, GID's philosophy with this property is hard to understand. They have now missed two real estate booms, and if they are canceling, will miss the third. This a prime property, about to get better with the renovation of buffalo bayou / allen parkway. Perhaps they will sell it so something can actually happen here.
  11. No - they demolished an older two story building that once housed a cleaners and a passport photo / expediting business, as well as the headquarters for a commercial construction company. The buildings they tore down were no great loss. The lot is outlined in red in the image below.
  12. It is on the south side of W Gray, just east of a salon and rug store (which sit at the corner of Dunlavy). It is bounded on one side by the salon / rug store and a centerpoint sub station, and on the other by the W Gray Multi-service Center.
  13. I do appreciate that the parking is at least behind the building. This is kind of a strange lot - I was curious what could go there.
  14. I hate to create false hope, but I noticed activity at the site tonight on the way home. Looks like they are taking soil samples (company called Terracon) on the lot bounded by Allen Parkway, Dunlavy, W Dallas and Tirrell. Also, I noticed a banner attached to the fence on the lot across W Dallas for Morris (www.morris-hz.com).
  15. It seems there is more to it than that. I see a handful of workers there during the week (less than 6), but not much progress is being made. This seems like a prime location for multifamily, so the incentive would be to hurry up and finish. I wonder if they are having cash flow issues - perhaps their construction financing fell through or they are way over budget. Am hoping someone on this board knows the story. I live nearby and hate to see this site sit idle.
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