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  1. According to the following, it is still a go. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/memorial/business/article/New-H-E-B-coming-to-San-Felipe-and-Fountainview-5692834.php?cmpid=email-mobile
  2. Went for some coffee this a.m. and noted that a sign on the window stated that they were closing this month with the last serving day being October 24. I remember my dad taking me there when I was about 3-4 years old. As trivial as it seems, I'm a bit sadddened and hate to see a long time building, landmark or establishment close it's doors. Not sure why it is closing, but my guess is that it has something to do with land values or rent. Long time patrons might remember the rotating bar stools and the glass window to the right as you walked in, where you could watch them hammer out the d
  3. I would like to see them gut most of the structure, open it leaving four raised columns to support four "panels" of the roof to span the entire structure. This would leave some memory and tribute to the former structure. They could then bring in materials,large trees, park amenities, play spaces, water / cool spaces etc.. inside the area of the original structure. A pedestrian pathway from Herman Park and / or the HP rail station - traveling through Braeswood Rd. / Braes bayou could be built that would extend to Reliant Park to the Astrodome Park with the path ending near the Fannin light
  4. Does anyone have any experience or reviews of Track 21 ? I know that the location is not really in Katy, but it is near - Hwy 6 between Clay and W. Little York. We may celebrate a birthday there (9yr. old) and wanted to know if it was safe, clean etc... Thanks.
  5. Spoke with someone today - not sure of how legit the source, so take it with a grain of salt - who stated that the there are back rents owed and perhaps even some build out fees outstanding. The place is still stocked and appears that you could go right in and open shop. I was also told that they might have others interested in acquiring the space. So it appears that Lord Byron is Lord no more.
  6. Amen to that. I want steel, etched glass, titanium, curves and angles. Something more interesting, void of the "blue pants, white shoes and the $6.95 early bird special" look.
  7. Located at the corner of the Grand Lakes subdivision on S. Fry and 99 - they have a very small space with limited seating. They have / had very good food and a friendly staff. I ate there a few times and loved everything I had. Their pizza was fantastic. I hope they are still kicking, but if not, I will be sad to see it go.
  8. Not the same place I was referring to in my original post. The place I was thinking of is called Inflatable Zone. Hope no one takes offense. I realize you make do with what is affordable when you are a new start up and hope to make a go of it. My kids have been to the place a few times and really do enjoy it. So we enjoy the product if not the packaging . I'm sure there are good people behind those vanilla pudding walls.
  9. Yep, it will probably look "nice" and clean, but I doubt it will look different or provide any character or superior function that might contribute to the overall area. Drive around Katy / Cinco and see how many partially vacant strip centers there are. Drive down Mason Rd. and check out the "Jump" zone place (I forget the actual name). Now, I'm all for entrepreneurship and I'm sure kids really love this place, but man, that place looks like it took all of $7,500 bucks to build. It's plain cheap and an eyesore. If God forbid they go under, I can see that thing becoming a house of rats in
  10. Mateo, thanks ! Did you obtain a room addition, or did your project consist of a remodel of existing rooms ?
  11. bman sounds great. Can't wait to try out El Rancho -high school wait staff and all ! Just kidding folks. Think I remember eating at the Saums location and if I remember correctly, it was quite good. Is Rialta North of the Berryhill sight or is it East of the Azzarelli's? Coffee place would be great. How about a bagel place ie. like the one off of Kingsland and Mason RD? How about "Mama's Cafe" - West side - ya know, like the one off of Westhemer. Just a thought. Thanks.
  12. Yes, I see ur point - Dude. You make perfect sense. I would expect that someone would take the time to train them, both in life and in business, but I see that is too much to ask. Yes, I meant high school students residing in Katy. Did not mean to pick on The Big Red.
  13. Katy dwellers - Has anyone undegone a recent residential room addition, second story addition, remodel etc.. ? How was the experience ? Did you utilize an architect ? Can you recommend anyone ?
  14. I like the place as well. I understand that first impressions are the most important. Sorry you had a poor experience. Service is your typicall Katy High School student. Off topic, but I wonder why we have so many teenagers servicing in these joints who have zero manners. Do they not know that service is part of the job ? Anyway, the fish tacos keep me coming back - both fried and grilled. If you like it spicy, get the grilled. I don't mind getting my own drink or chips. By the way, is the "Sweet and Spicy" place still around ? Do all of you like it ?
  15. We tried Wings & Rings this weekend. I was a bit disappointed with the food. The burgers were over done and the wings were average at best. The wait staff was your typical Katy high schooler and our waiter had that "deer in the head lights" look to him. No problem though as it is a new place with new employees. I'll probably give them another try because I really want to support the local establishments.
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