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  1. Bobby Lahr(sp) was Bert Lynn's assistant and he went on to work for Truth or Consequences out in LA. We had Mr. Caboose on Channel 11 in the mornings in the early 60s, Milk Drop Moe in the afternoons, I don't remember the channel, Saturday mornings there was an auction program MCed by Dick Gotlieb I think sponsored by a Dairy company
  2. There was a Chi Chi's on Fondren south of Braeswood and North of W Bellfort, across the street from The Foundry if memory serves me. The chain was started by Max Magee a wide receiver of the Green Bay Packers
  3. Gulfton was changed for a pretty important reason....Texaco's Research facility was located in that area between Post Oak ( W Loop) and S. Rice. Tthey changed the name to Fournace running from Rice to Newcastle ( Avenue A).
  4. Fed Mart in the Bellaire Theatre center was still in operation in the early 70s. First one I ever saw was the one on Griggs and OST
  5. I just realized I got my streets completely wrong in an earlier post ( Oct. 2014) Evans Music was in a small shop on the corner of Kelvin and UNIVERSITY not Rice. It moved across the street to the strip center on Unversity than ran from Kirby to Morningside...My Dad's American Legion Post 77 was on Kelvin near Amherst on the East side next to a Toy store...Yes the Meyer Bros was on Kirby and University that now houses HPBooks with the circular stairway...I am stuck however on the name of a large store/ building that was located between Times and Amherst, west of Kelvin. It was located in an area that was East of the notorious Cinema West. Can some olde timer help another ?
  6. The Hotel/Motel was The Royal Coach Inn
  7. Other cafeteria chains in Houston/Bellaire...Footes and Thornhills
  8. Seem to remember that Sonny Looks was there in the early,early 60s
  9. Checked a map and it could have been ALDER between Chimey Rock and Renwick. If my mind is on it I think I remember the place being a JMH grocey store in the 60s that was converted. There were some apartments behind the building
  10. Wasn't Art Wren's restaurant in the building or part of the property where Katz's is today in the mid 60s?
  11. Yes the HP Books is in the old Meyer Bros store. Evans Music was in a small frame building on Rice in the 60s then moved across the street to the strip center along Rice. American Legion Post 77 was in the area for years, University State Bank was next door to Moeller's, then moved further North.
  12. Blancoexpat- it seems like the watermelon stand I remember near the Museum District...between Main and Fannin, East of Weldon's cafeteria
  13. I believe it was Los Troncos...try this site; it's loaded with info...http://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2010/07/los-troncos-restaurant/
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