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    1st Pasadena State Bank

    Just posted earlier that this building has been bought and slated to be demolished and land sold per Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership newsletter.
  2. I read in the latest edition of the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership newsletter that the 12 story building will be demolished and the land will be sold. I believe is used to be called Bank One, but it also had various names at one time or another.
  3. Rube88

    Broadway South of 45 to Hobby

    I drive through there 4 times a week and it seems like they are always doing some kind of maintenance on the medians.
  4. Rube88

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    Not a weather person, but elevation may also play a part. Charlotte sits at 750 feet above see level, but Orlando and Houston are both in the low 80's.
  5. Well then I am sure the dispenser will get fixed once a committee is appointed to determine the issue. Then they will conduct environmental studies to see if the dispenser is in fact causing issues to the ecosystem. Then they will....well it may be some time before it gets fixed.
  6. Rube88

    Houston Aerials

    Very nice. If you ever get a chance to shoot from the east 610 loop area over the ship channel you can see how expansive our skyline looks especially right before sunset. I have tried taking a pick while driving but have not been able to successfully.
  7. Rube88

    Veterans Museum in Texas

    If my memory is correct, I think I once read that this will be at Ellington Field on 45 South.
  8. Rube88

    New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    This was taken from the 1st row of the upper level. Might still have a decent DT view from the upper rows. I would have taken a pic from there, but those steps are brutal especially with a bone spur in my heel. LOL
  9. Rube88

    New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    From Saturday..would be nice to see some red neon highlights on the edges. Hard to tell, but the UH logo is lighted.
  10. I was watching a local Houston educational channel this past week and they had a program about the Energy Corridor. It looked fairly recent. in the program they had a spokeswoman for BP saying they had plans to build two more buildings, one for the Energy and Gas and one for Worldwide Exploration. I am not sure if the former one was the recent computing center, but I could not find anything about the building for Worldwide Exploration. Anyone have any knowledge on this?