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  1. The expansion of Mason Road was part of the 2007 Fort Bend County Mobility Bond project and the project is well underway. The Mason Road bridge is currently being built over Oyster Creek by the Pecan Grove water tower. There are several homes and a Pecan Grove fire station on Farmers, so I doubt there are any plans to close Farmers Road.
  2. I can finally answer my own question! The site north of Long Meadow Farms Parkway is going to be Grand Parkway Medical Office Center which is the first "off campus" medical facility for Oak Bend Medical Center (fka Polly Ryon Hospital). Grand Parkway Medical Office Center Was really hoping for a little more retail for our area. Oh well, at least I don't have one of the houses adjacent to the 3-story building whose tenants would be peering into my backyard during all daylight hours. One of the houses in the pic has a swimming pool, too, poor folks.
  3. Construction began yesterday on one of the commercial reserves in front of Long Meadow Farms (Long Meadow Farms Parkway at Grand Parkway). Anyone know what this is? No signs as of yet, but they're serious because a porta-potty has been delivered to the site Anyone know what this is?
  4. Here is a full-sized drawing of the development showing the Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Andy Meyers' new digs: Grand Corners All we need is four MORE banks. I've never seen so many banks in my entire life! Their getting like Starbucks. The only one who isn't going nuts so far is Washington Mutual which has only 1 branch on Grand Parkway that I know of...
  5. Well I know Wal-mart doesn't get many compliments, however I did want to give them kudos for the effort they have made landscaping this new store. If you get a chance, take a tour especially around the back side of the store that faces Canal. They put up 8' wooden fences to completely hide the back of the store and then softened that by planting pines, magnolias, grasses, bushes, flowers, and sod. In addition, they installed an irrigation system to keep everything lush. Granted, the folks that live on Canal are still looking at the back of a Wal-Mart, but compare the effort they made with the Kohls right down the street. The back of the Kohls store is nothing but exposed concrete and loading docks. No trees, no plants, no nothing (and they get a pass). In addition, 3 or 4 large oaks have been installed in front of the Wal-Mart, each being at least 10-12 years old. I'm talking BIG for transplanted specimens. I'm not sure that Wal-Mart was directly responsible for this, but the trees are planted right next to the lot that they have for sale in front of the store. Couple of other things I noticed is that the "new style" Wal-Mart sign no longer has the "star" between "Wal" and "Mart". Also, GNC has put their sign up on one of the buildings in the shopping center and Zales is now building out their store.
  6. It looks like this store will open this weekend. I was by HEB Tuesday evening and the Palais Royal was buzzing with people merchandising the shelves, fixture deliveries, etc. Their stuff is okay. I go in there sometimes to pickup bargains on clearance.
  7. Last Friday afternoon, I was stopped at the light on Highway 6 southbound at 59. A guy in a pickup truck blew through the intersection in the lane next to me a full 2 seconds after the light turned red. He got his picture taken...two distinct flashes went off, lighting up the back up of his truck while the moment was recorded for posterity. Too bad he'll only get a warning this time around. He could have easily broadsided someone going westbound on the 59 service road...
  8. From the November 5, 2007 Missouri City council minutes: "10. CLOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION Council may meet in executive session, if necessary, pursuant to chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code, for one or more of the following reasons: (1) consultation with legal counsel to seek or receive legal advice or consultation regarding pending or contemplated litigation; (2) discussion about the value or transfer of real property and other real estate matters; (3) discussion about a prospective gift or donation (4) consideration of specific personnel matters; (5) discussion about security personnel or devices; and/or (6) deliberation regarding economic development negotiations. Section 551.072
  9. Well, the sign has now been torn down, so I am not sure of the future of this project. There has always been another, smaller sign nearby from TransWestern advertising another, smaller tract for sale and that sign is still there. Perhaps they are now trying to sell their entire holdings there.
  10. Even with the relatively low tax rate of $1.25 per $100, I still find it hard to swallow the $7,000,000 practice swimming pool included in the bond proposal. That is an amazing amount of money! It better have a wave generator, natural sand beach, and swim-up bar for taxpayers at that price!
  11. New signs have gone up on Grand Parkway northbound at Peak Road for "Grand Parkway Town Square". Leasing agent is Transwestern Retail. Looking at their website, I can't find any information so far. If you find any info, please post it here!
  12. Location may be the reason why Telfair is so high, but at what price? My home in Long Meadow Farms is a Village Builder plan that is also offered in Telfair. Village's current price sheet for my home in LMF is $296,900. In Telfair, the same exact plan is $380,900. Both homes are identical, same GE Profile appliances, same Acme brick, same everything. The plan in LMF is on larger lots too. Is location really worth $84,000 at 6%+ over 30 years? Nope. That amount of money will pay for a heck of a lot of tolls on the Westpark and pay for the gas needed to drive on it!
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