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  1. jwphillips,


    My scout troop will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020, two years from now.  Would it be possible to obtain copies of those 8 mm films of Camp Hudson and Camp Strake?  While these would not be specific to my scout troop, they do show these scout camps from an earlier time.  Have  you converted these to digital format?  


  2. Y/o! Shearn elem, Redd elem, Johnston JHS, Kinkaid, Memorial SHS.

  3. Franco's daughter, Franca, now operates/manages the re-named restaurant. If you saw the interior or exterior, you would know immediately the connection to the castle. Great food! BTW: When is "Talk Like a Pirate Day"?
  4. You guys..... In the 60s, we got out of the car, jumped into the foot-deep water and emptied a bottle of Joy. That was the only way you could earn your Mecom Main badge. I recently noticed they filled in the fountain at Gessner and Memorial.
  5. We'll gladly wait for the trailer and the documentary. You can't be missing this great non-Boston weather? ~Kinkaid 64
  6. I used to go to The Jester to hear my brother Gordon and other "folk singers" like C.P.(Caddo Parish) Studdard (The Baby Died Last Night) and Scott Stripling. I remember that it was to the left and slightly behind Byron's BBQ on Westheimer, not two blocks away at Mid Lane (Sin Alley). The only thing at Mid Lane and Westheimer was the entrance to the apartments, two brick columns and some shrubs. I know because I would cut through there to get to The Deputy Drive-Inn right before the railroad tracks on Westheimer. Got a ticket one night for "peeling out". The Jester opened after the bars c
  7. I was the manager of both the stores that had the Lafayette store franchise on NASA Road 1 and El Camino Real. My Mom and Dad owned it. We outgrew the smaller store next to Baskin & Robbins and moved across the street next to Kroger and Sakowitz. We serviced the marinas, police stations, NASA, and half of Houston with electronics. I must've installed about a cajillion CB radios, fish finders and radar, and lots of car stereo. I really miss that place.
  8. I remember that the Harveys owned the property in the 50s and sold all of it to the developers. This was a huge amount of acreage north of that little road called Memorial Drive, and bordered by Gessner, Memorial Drive Way, Highway 90(Katy Fwy),and Barryknoll. They sold it for thousands of dollars, way over $200,000 (what's it worth today?). They hunted rabbits on it and they'd let the horses cool down at the artesian spring. They bought property around Blanco and settled there. Memorial
  9. Right you are. They also exclude metal roofs for the same reason. Did the pic come out? Have a new browser that is squirrely.
  10. This is of more immediate concern. Post-Ike damage looks like missing roof tiles and a broken window. There is a Blue Roof program going on down here, but I don't have the creds to have them save the roof. Any suggestions?
  11. It's amazing what happens to a post when you leave it for a while. Absolutely great comments! Good lesson for everyone. Revisit old posts and see what happened while you were gone. I love this place. Great collective memory.
  12. Thanks for the memory jog... There was, for a while, a doubler-decker bus parked at Sonny Look's Sir Loin House on Westheimer until Sonny decided to have a guy dressed in armor and carrying a lance ride around in the parking lot on a horse. In the 50's and 60's it was called The Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. I remember Roy, Dale, and Trigger put on a great sharpshooting show inside the Coliseum. Bullet, Pat Brady, and Nellie Belle were no-shows. Our phone number was MOhawk4-0798 when we lived at 4738 Stillbrooke. Switched to PArkview a few years later. CApitol was downtown. Who pick
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