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  1. Did anyone ever figure out what they are doing to the facade? It appears they are reinforcing the granite panels. You can see the holes and plugs on most of the tower. It affects the appearance up close and when light reflects off the tower.
  2. It is under contract now. A 3,500 sf addition seems excessive. It must have been in worse condition than they expected. It looks like they had to take it to the studs in and out.
  3. https://www.har.com/homedetail/1117-saint-agnes-st-a-houston-tx-77030/8668808?lid=3768699 The entire complex is up for sale.
  4. I am sure the Astros are focused on revenue generating improvements, but the park has needed a paint job for years and several of the windows in Union Station are rotting. I wonder if they have any plans for general maintenance. I would hate to see a historic structure fall into disrepair. Does the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority require any minimum repairs from the Astros? I took other similar pictures, but they were too large to load.
  5. This website is helpful. www.bricknames.com It is proabbly Cofyvle, short for Coffeyville. COFFEYVILLE BIT. BRICK & TILE CO., COFFEYVILLE, KS.
  6. I am surprised by that too. The devastation was so bad in Galveston, you don't hear about the other communities affected. I grew up in Rosenberg and always heard how Richmond and Rosenberg were completely leveled by the storm. It was a category 4 storm that went right over those cities. Houston would have been on the dirty side of the storm. The historical marker references the storm. https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMVD60_St_Josephs_Catholic_Church
  7. I went for a walk last night and stumbled across St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at 1505 Kane St. The priest was locking up, but generously invited me in for a tour. Very interesting history. This is the second oldest Catholic Church in Houston. The current building was completed in 1901 after the original was destroyed in the 1900 hurricane. There is some very beautiful brick work and stained glass. Father Victor explained the church had a major fire in 1995. I was only able to find one article about the fire. He mentioned the bell tower collapsed in the fire and the new metal bell tower next to the church was built as a replacement. Does anyone have any pictures of the church before the fire? https://www.houstonpress.com/news/restoration-man-6570958 I wish I would have taken pictures, but there is also this very interesting cactus sculpture/water fountain on Trinity St. Seems like something for Atlas Obscura.
  8. Well, we have a parking lot. It seems like a fairly simple base and thin asphalt layer. They already striped the lot this morning. Hopefully it is a temporary lot.
  9. I started this thread which has some history of the building.
  10. I went last night. They are already out of several beers and food options. They seemed to have a very reduced staff. The waitress told me they found out they were closing on facebook and that the building is being tore down and replaced with a parking garage.
  11. https://collections.lib.utexas.edu/catalog/utlarch:ea7076b6-3eab-4db7-b910-4d097d88c198 Here is a good picture of the exterior. Per Preservation Houston, it was build in 1927 for Rouse Drug Store #4.
  12. I took this photo from my apartment window several months back because you could really see the old Sovthern Drvg Company signage on 1511 Preston. Does anyone have any history on this company and building? Since it has been added on to so much, I doubt anyone realizes this is a historic structure. Even though the South Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility closed in 2016, the lights are still on in and out. Seems like it could be a cool building if it were restored.
  13. All of downtown has been blue lately. I did see where they had a rainbow pattern and an orange and blue pattern a few nights ago, but I was driving and couldn't get a picture.
  14. As much as I love development, I wish the Buffalo Bayou Partnership could afford it. Greenspace along the bayou goes a long way toward beatification.
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