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  1. I started this thread which has some history of the building.
  2. I went last night. They are already out of several beers and food options. They seemed to have a very reduced staff. The waitress told me they found out they were closing on facebook and that the building is being tore down and replaced with a parking garage.
  3. https://collections.lib.utexas.edu/catalog/utlarch:ea7076b6-3eab-4db7-b910-4d097d88c198 Here is a good picture of the exterior. Per Preservation Houston, it was build in 1927 for Rouse Drug Store #4.
  4. I took this photo from my apartment window several months back because you could really see the old Sovthern Drvg Company signage on 1511 Preston. Does anyone have any history on this company and building? Since it has been added on to so much, I doubt anyone realizes this is a historic structure. Even though the South Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility closed in 2016, the lights are still on in and out. Seems like it could be a cool building if it were restored.
  5. All of downtown has been blue lately. I did see where they had a rainbow pattern and an orange and blue pattern a few nights ago, but I was driving and couldn't get a picture.
  6. As much as I love development, I wish the Buffalo Bayou Partnership could afford it. Greenspace along the bayou goes a long way toward beatification.
  7. I have walked by several times. They put no effort into this. Mismatched tables and chairs, terrible lighting, zero ambiance. Hopefully this building will get the restoration and tenant it deserves one day.
  8. I went to both Kingwood Randall's today looking for Plated meals since Plated was bought by Albertson's/Randall's. Both stores were dead. I tried to pick up some flour as well and luckily I checked the date, because the "best buy" date was January 2019. There was a large aisle of Christmas and Thanksgiving supplies and food for 50% off. I thought they would have dumped this stuff at 90% off months ago. They just don't seem to have enough business to move any inventory. To top it off, these stores do not have Plated. I since learned from the website that only the Memorial Drive and W Holcombe stores carry it. I worked at Randall's in high school and it was always a family favorite. I hate to see it go, but I can't imagine these stores staying open with one new HEB and another on the way.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Alexan? I noticed the name was changed to 1414 Texas and it is now owned by ZRS Management. Seems like a really quick sale. The building has only been complete for 6 months. https://www.1414texasdowntown.com/
  10. What is the history of the lots outside the seawall? Were they originally city blocks that just erroded over the years?
  11. Are there any historic pictures of this space? I went last night. They preserved the original terrazzo and the columns appear to have the original stone. There was also an original railing and air grate up in Swallow's Nest. Other than that, very few historic details left. I didn't pay attention to my meal price, but my friend did note her meal was $20 for a cheeseburger, onion rings, and a tea. A homeless man came in towards the end of our meal and asked if he could help clear our table. I imagine they have some sort of control for this. Additionally, the pizza place was still closed. Not sure what is going on there.
  12. Does anyone have any history or information on 1014 Prairie St? I do not remember this building ever being occupied. One listing says that it has been renovated. It does have a new roof on it as far as I can tell from Google maps. I just noticed some old ironwork poking out from behind the plywood, which made me wonder what it looks like behind the wood. Also, a neat old "Dr. Henderson Dentist" sign on a second floor window. I assume it is authentic. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/14604235/1014-Prairie-Houston-TX/
  13. Has anyone seen any more information on Tranquility Park being renovated? In my opinion, it needs more help than Jones Plaza. I walked through this park and around City Hall over the weekend on my way to The Hobby Center. The sidewalks are narrow and in extremely bad shape. It seems like City Hall is used enough to justify improving this area. This website says the fountains have been closed since 2013. Maybe something will happen after the Bagby redo. Tranquillity Park Fountain - September 9, 2013 - Until Further Notice Due to mechanical repairs, the Tranquillity Park fountain basin has been drained and the tall "stacks" will not be operational for the duration of the project. http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/closedrepair.html
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