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    Hiking, Drawing, Reading, Traveling (Backpacking in Europe is one of my fortes. ) I LOVE skyscrapers all over the globe.<br />Living in LA, but a TX boy at heart. Want to see Houston and Austin do well.............Dallas and SA ok too.........but my heart lies in my native Houston.........and college stomp.....Austin.

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  1. OK OK, mia culpa, mia culpa. i guess my ultra success with a Sim City 4 region topping 15 million and nothing BUT skyscrapers are going up in my virtual reality world, i got a little carried away. My virtual Houston is booming.........sorry. Back to reality. SIGH. m.
  2. Ok OK, i fudged a little by putting a tantalizing topic title without a description, BUT now that you are here, i was thinking with the slow down in construction maybe it would be fun to speculate, dream, predict WHEN, WHERE, and BY WHOM our fair city's next 50+ skyscraper will show. Perhaps somewhere in the Medical Center (thinking of that mini-boom over the last couple of years)?? Perhaps UT? Residential? Commercial? Mixed Use? Many of you are more in the know than i am when it comes to trends of construction probilities and so forth. Me, i just LOVE skyscrapers and urban development, so
  3. Awesome! i thought it looked close to being topped out. This is still my newest favorite in DT (in comparison to Hess, OPP, the Marriot etc.) The only thing is that i wish developers would build larger scrapers on the outer rim of DT so they can be seen better from the freeways and keep the smaller ones around what's left of the core of DT. But alas, i know several factors go into WHERE scrapers are developed.....my wishes are certainly not one of them!
  4. i know it is posted somewhere, but i am at my desk being lazy. How much higher does it have to go, say in relation to One Shell Plaza? Not so much concerned about floor count, but height left to go 'til completion. Thanks, m
  5. Any updated pix. on how that area is looking? East Avenue Project? TX Monthly building, etc. Thanks, m.
  6. Maybe......i hope so. Granted i am only going on the photos. Much to my disapointment my schedule didn't allow me to go DT when i was in H-town for the holidays. i wanted to go ice skating as well at DG. IF, the floor plates are about the same size, then, whew! i am relieved. m.
  7. Just amazing what GOOD planning can accomplish. It makes me all the madder when i see cheap crap thrown up around town. Bravo City Centre. Can't wait to visit this summer. m.
  8. i agree wholeheartedly. An 80 storey would be nice- with a spire! m.
  9. i thought the exact same thing but was waiting until it was more developed to make the comment. The rendering looks sweet, but i don't see how the asthetics of it will be accomplished in such a miniature looking frame. Any ideas? Also, like several of you, yes i am content with the development of the area, but am not so patiently waiting to see what those two parking lots to the west (top of pix.) will become. Maybe one commercial and one residential tower. Hopefully, both with a class/silver facade. Maybe even a hint of blue or green glass. i think if done right, it would tie in to that
  10. Hey all, thanks for the input. i got A LOT of selections just from your suggestions. YES, Mannheim Steamroller is EXACTLY the one i was looking for. THANKS. m.
  11. Hey all, me again. i am looking for alternative Xmas songs for HS students. i already have Transiberian Orchestra, Sarah M., Jars of Clay. i think i remember a group who sort of sounded like Transiberian that i used to listen to, but once i got into them, i sort of lost touch. Any suggestions? Thanks, m.
  12. marc

    Discovery Tower

    Thanks Nate. i love DT from that angle. Doesn't even look like a typical Houston. AND i think it is cool that the tallest DT tower is symetrically in the middle from that angle. Beautiful pix. m.
  13. Well, i believe Shell Plaza One (One Shell Plaza?) is 50 stories. Granted it is right out front when approaching from the west, but it is pretty visible, so maybe MP will be too. i love MP's design; but like many of you, i really do wish it was at least 10 stories taller. Because of its location, it will be surrounded by taller scrapers, so i am a bit disapointed as well. i do understand that in the past few years many highrises built in DT definately have helped as filler, which i think was desparately needed. BUT, i would love to see a 70+ maybe even and 80+ (1200+ ft) scraper go up. Unf
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