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  1. To be clear, Cy-Fair ISD teachers are not getting raises and have not gotten a pay raise in the last three years. All teachers & librarians statewide will get a one-time (up tp ) 1,000 increase for the 209-2010 school year but that's not an actual pay increase that will stay. And no one should be taking the "stimulus money". That's money (as a result from hard work) forcibly taken from American workers. It's unethical. Are we really advocating taing the fruit of one's labor and giving to......anyone else? Sounds unfair to me. The cutting of the bus routes is simply a ruse by Superint
  2. Three cheers for the wimpy State legislature! It's beyond time to drop a curriculum that rightly belongs in the hands of parents. No one needs the State taking over the role of parent in the guise of "health education". Education should be about academic rigor not touchy-feely "you're eating too much" and "don't do drugs" or "use a condom". Parents should be teaching their kids values that are important to them and not being preached to by the government. Public educators need to focus soley on academics.
  3. Let's be clear: the only 'police' who can legally ask you, and require an answer, about citizenship are the feds. Local yokel cops, whether city or state, can ask about your citizenship but you are only legally reguired to provide identification. No one wants national ID; this is not a good option for a free people. Citizenship can be determined fairly quickly for those illegal aliens new to the country. ICE (former INS) Special Agents are trained to determine citizenship through interrogation/questioning techinques that for obvious reasons, aren't made public. And if local or state cops
  4. Mimes? Dolls? (That midgy Tiki chasing after Karen Black with a knife sounds insanely stupid but man, it was terrifying! ) lol The Exorcist was the worst. There were people getting placed on medication when that thing was released. People were freaked out. And for a clear reason; turns out it had (has) subliminal messages of a sort embedded into the film. My brother was obssessed with this film (intensified after his dorm mates raised his bed while he was sleeping) and he arrived on my doorstep during a school break with the VCR copy of The Exorcist in his hand. We sat (for what seemed
  5. I read this article and wondered if the true reason Obama is being supported is simply racism. It makes no sense to me on any level that this guy, with associations with Bill Ayers (the domestic terrorist who so proudly claimed he was guilty but free) and his Marxist philosophy is being supported by the majority of Blacks in America. Are all Blacks so left-leaning or is it racism? http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/06/oba...ot_be_forg.html
  6. Facetiousness, right? You really can't be serious when you take the stance that socialism is an innoucuous bit of political difference. You know (on some level don't you) how very lucky you are to be living in a democracy and not living in a socialist state? You haven't lost your understanding that socialism deprives people of freedom and that loss of freedom is a bad thing? It's one thing to bash Bush or conservative ideaology in general but don't be too glib as to dismis socialism as just another acceptable political position. Socialism cannot ever be ethically presented as acceptable
  7. Lot of "feelings" in this thread. A flood of feelings and emotions...we like, we love, we hate and of course the ick factor of bracelets. What happened to ideology and 'thinking'? We don't care who you like. This isn't a celebutante vying for Miss Congeniality. Whether or not a candidate wears a bracelet doesn't matter--though apparently in Houston it does, God save us all. Does this candidate intend to take 40% of your hard-earned money rather than 25%? Will this guy make you support even more people who don't own alarm clocks? How many more illegal aliens will now be squeezed into you
  8. This is simple racism at its absolute worst. Black teacher targeting a white student. Had it been a white teacher doing this to a black child, it would be easier for everyone to see. Why is it okay to demean people who aren't Black nowadays? Another example: Don Imus gets nearly lynched for saying nappy-headed hoe but Rev. Wright can racially attack Italians and Jews without a murmur of indignation. What. Is. Up.
  9. Affirmative Action and racial quotas are evil; embracing the myth of white privilege and/or oppression is worse. Who are these whites you talk about? Are they the Scottish, French, or the Poles? Descendants of the Mayflower or only those pale faces living in the 7500 block of Westheimer? Race-baiting is a nasty business Satriela. People are just people ---regardless of their skin color. As to white privilege, I've never seen this--is it like Hispanic privilege here in Houston? You know, being hired because of the ability to speak Spanish or being promoted based on surname. Privilege is as
  10. Whitlock isn't brilliant but add Clarence Thomas, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, to that list. He writes about the cultural problems within the black community in his memoir My Grandfather's Son describing the politics behind those movements courting the Black vote and condemning them for undermining African Americans' ability to be self-reliant. He voices his frustration with shedding the expectation, because of his skin color, to be a liberal and suffering the ramifications for not doing so, such as being called an Uncle Tom, and actually discusses black racism. (It's refres
  11. Once the military started making progress, the liberal press stopped reporting as much. The H. Chronicle shouldn't be anyone's sole source for news. Try the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post for excellent Iraq coverage.
  12. 1- My posts are just fine; socialists or other leftists may not like them but my ideology doesn't support a welfare state or government as daddy. 2- Work is good. Shouting down dissent by calling people bigots is bad. Repeat after me: work, gooooood; name-calling, baaaaad. Open your mind.
  13. Stay in. Less gayness and more work ethic would be a good thing. Stay in.
  14. OTM (other than Mexican) arrests for unlawful entry into the United States are a pittance compared to the arrests made of Mexican nationals unlawfully present in the U.S. Federal statutes are clear: if a foreign national (alien) doesn't go through a port of entry and doesn't have a visa to enter, he/she is to be deported. It does not matter WHY they crossed the border illegally. Who cares? I couldn't care less WHY any border-jumper breaks into our country. Foreign nationals should stay in their own country and fix the problems in their own country. They should not causing problems in my
  15. Only whites can be racists. It's only the white people who are oppressors and supporters of corporate America. Only white people are the bad guys. Everyone else is okay. White people suck. That's the message of the media anyway, so you must be a white guy who hates blacks. And remember, if you criticize anyone who is Black, then that's proof you're a racist.
  16. Red Scare claims that we "get what we pay for" but the reality is that HISD sucks up money with no accountability whatsoever. Get a clue. Look at the evidence. Vicman and Commie can rah-rah-sis-boom-bah all they want for HISD but the facts remain the same: HISD is sub-standard. Now they want even more taxpayer money. Enough already. Just say no. No wonder there's white flight.
  17. California was all over Ebonics and tried to get it taught in the public schools. The state university system ran with it. You can still see remanants in the Urban Studies and women studies classes.. This site has the actual text: The Notorious Ebonics Resolution of Oakland, California On December 18, 1996, the Board of Education of Oakland, California, passed a resolution concerning "Ebonics" or what used to be called Black English. The Resolution of December 18, 1996 WHEREAS, numerous validated scholarly studies demonstrate that African-American students as a part of their culture and his
  18. Any kid who is zoned for an HISD school should be in private school instead. HISD = bloated, rationalizing excuse for a school district. Bleh.
  19. When money talks in America--it's in English! Learn it, speak it, love it.
  20. Using a private website like "greatschools" isn't valid for citing those kind of stats Vicman. Use TEA instead. At least then, when you're wasting time pulling meaingless stats, they'll be accurate. Why you're focused on the LEPs of whitebread CISD rather than HISD which is overrun with illegal aliens is beyond me. We've been invaded. We're still being invaded. Why aren't there U.S troops on our border already? When Bush brings them back from Iraq, they should be deployed to stop the invasion here.
  21. Speak English Serrano. We both live in America. The color or ethnic background of Americans is completely irrelevant. Who cares whether someone is of "Hispanic" orign or "African whatever" or has a Russian mom----speak English here in the US of A. English is the language of our nation. You may not like that fact. You may shout, "you're a racist Toggle" or any number of stupid replies but it wouldn't be true and it wouldn't change the fact that English is critical to the cohesiveness of our country. Do we want America to become a Tower of Babel? Get a grip diversity babies--it's better
  22. "I am going to stop calling you a white man and I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man." Morgan Freeman
  23. Amazing. I've no doubt that the first illegal alien arrested will loudly start crying racism and sue the sheriffs office though. And some liberal yahoo in the media will interview them and before ya' know it, amnesty's being granted.
  24. Vicman is wrong. The loopholes to get out of any TEA hope that students speak English are big and many. Make no mistake, the TAKS test is given to those students who will pass. Those that won't are farmed out to SPED or placed in other safe havens. TAKS tests are even administered in Spanish now! Not Vietnamese miond ou, but Spanish. Vicman is a kid who hasn't worked within any Texas school district as an administrator or anything else. Looking up a bunch of TEA codes on the net doesn't mean squat when it comes to real life practices and what's REALLY happening in the schools. As to the argum
  25. Pretend you're seeing Houston for the first time. Your first impression of Houston is not just UGLY but SCARY. The second thought is AVOID THIS PLACE and NEVER COME BACK. It's a harsh assessment but Houston is an ugly place--physically, politically. Houston is not a place people return to without a huge pre-existing reason...like family or work. No one voluntarily chooses this city. The weather is the very least of its problems. Miami, Atlanta, Hong Kong etc., have similar weather...people LOVE those places. Even with mass transit in place, the ugliness remains. There's just too few
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