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  1. OK I guess this might be a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyway. I was wondering-- what if I wanted to take a Zodiac type inflatable boat (with an outboard motor) and just put it in Buffalo Bayou downtown? Is this legal? If it were, how far west could you go?
  2. Good God wtf is that. That's really disturbing.
  3. Just get an electronic cigarette. No smoke, no smell, nothing. I have one and it's just like smoking a regular cig.
  4. can you prove it's not the literal word of God? just asking...
  5. A perfectly valid question that no one ever seems to answer.
  6. The question is not whether something like government run healthcare is "essential", the question is whether it's constitutional, which it is certainly not. Of course, half of what the federal government does is unconstitutional, and both "liberals" and "conservatives" (a false paradigm if there ever was one) are part of it.
  7. Again, it depends on where you live. West LA? No problem. Koreatown, where I lived? Not so much.
  8. I really really hope that was sarcasm
  9. The money that banks loan isn't "capital", it's debt. Not the same thing.
  10. Depends on the genre. For jazz, 1940s to about 1970. Rock, late 60s to about 1976. Classical, 1700-1950.
  11. I actually just got back from NO a few hours ago. Every time I go I always stop in at the Old Coffee Pot for some pain perdu.
  12. Thunder is one of my favorite sounds, along with Vladimir Horowitz playing the piano, and distant trains at night.
  13. Really evocative old pic. I need to visit that archive.
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