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  1. Friends, The ABC13 online webCast points to the area around Hwy 35 and not in SCR (BW8 and 288), at the begining of the story. 12thMan can you tell us where exactly did the crime happen and which subdivision ? This is getting scary. Parag
  2. Friends, Hello. This is a wonderful forum, I really appreciate all the posts. They are incredibly helpful for newcomers to Houston like me. We moved to Houston about 8 months ago, and I have been a reader of this forum since then. This is my first post. We really like Shadow Creek ranch and Pearland, we were going to sign the contract on a new Meritage home, but we came across the Landfill expansion issue, and we have delayed our plans since then (about 6 months ago). I follow every news item about the Blue Ridge expansion, that I can get my hands on (CABRLE website, FB news etc), but I really
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