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  1. This one at the end of the month. An additional closure is the Taquito Rico on Main and Pecore also at the end of this month. The building owner has other plans for that lot. The business owner will have a taco truck in the same area at some point.
  2. Interesting. Gary has the magic touch so I'm sure it will be a success. The WB&C people didn't have a clue to what they were doing.
  3. What is to become of the fallout shelter in that building?
  4. Only 13 comments in that article in over a week. I can only imagine how many comments were deleted. A friend who works in another restaurant group with businesses in the same area as Treadsack told me he thinks they will no longer be in business in a few months. We shall see.
  5. Word on the streets is the Ken Bridge of Delicious Concepts has sold all his restaurants (Pink's Pizza, Lola, Shepherd Park, Ritual) minus the Republic Diner + Sojubang to a new entity.
  6. In late July the Salsas Mexican Grill replace the previous Peppers located on Durham and 21st St. Anyone been? North of I10, Shepherd seems to get the restaurants while Durham doesn't get any love.
  7. The "War on Drugs" dates to 1971 with President Nixon. Nancy Reagan's anti-drug campaign was the "Just Say No" effort of the 1980s.
  8. I went there last night for some Pho. The lady next to me had the shaking beef which she like very much. I enjoyed the place.
  9. JCR


    I don't have a problem with the sponsored posts as they are clearly identified. And closing comments to those posts are fine by be as they would be trolled otherwise. I'm just glad Swamplot is back.
  10. JCR


    Yeah, they still update headlines. So when will the more in depth single entry subjects return?
  11. I am in Shady Acres Annex. This is group of houses built right after WWII on 15th, 15 1/2th, and 16th one block long from the Turkey Creek to Dian. I bought in 2002 before most of the new construction started in the area. It's been a good investment for me. There is a newish home for sale on 15 1/2th right east of Dian and two homes on the corner of 16th and Prince. I don't know going prices for the new stuff. I wouldn't touch the Urban Living junk on Dian. My former neighbors kids tested into Harvard elementary. There is no way they were going to put them into Love on Shepherd. That is where they were zoned to.
  12. http://www.houstonpress.com/restaurants/the-el-cantina-superior-has-closed-to-become-a-brewpub-updated-7681031 Reads article: shakes head... Comments: LOL!!!
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