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  1. Good try... But....Are you kidding me. The cops bust everyone WEST of 59 and no one EAST of 59. Check this link http://www.ericcarlson.net/crimestats/10H50.html Looks to me as if plenty of crime is being reported in the 3rd ward....just like everywhere else in the city. But, I don't see a whole lot of reported crime near the South Central Police Staion and this motel site...HUMMM ....Maybe the bad guys don't want to bee seen a block from the Police Station. So... I will concede I won't be walking my dog in the evening near that intersection (well maybe if I owned a pitbull I would) I do take exception to the original comment being..."an Extreme Crime Area" Just not true By the way....Its obvious where the crime is in midtown..... A very significant amount of it occurs along Main and Gray. It doesn't just magically disappear east of 59 but it does diminish near the police station.
  2. Back that with some data. Lots of crime everywhere. Not any more here or less than anywhere else. Check out the data http://www.ericcarlson.net/crimestats/ By the way...This site just happens to be 1 block from the police station. Check it out
  3. This development is located on the east side of 59????? I saw the variance sign at the corner of 59 and McGowan so I am assuming that's the site. If so.... I like the "leap" of development to the east side of 59. This has got'ta be good for midtown in the long run and it's only a matter of time more development happens east of midtown.
  4. That's the problem.....It really sounds great and nobody with any heart could be adverse to such a program......BUT JUST.......Tell me how to ensure that... Please tell me how the "I ain't never worked a day in my life" folks don't show up to steal our generosity.. I don't think you can.....It's just human nature that can not be denied........I would love to be wrong, but I am not? Please prove me wrong. More homeless are on the way!!!!!
  5. Yes... the church does and that's good..... and I really do not disparage the "true" homeless.... It's just that the whole philosophy attracts more homeless...and that's a fact and the real sad story.... You attempt to help the truly sad stories and the "I ain't never worked a day in my life" shows up to steal our generosity.
  6. Per the ABC Channel 13 Website..... we have this wonderful news..... "A groundbreaking ceremony was held Wednesday on the Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place apartments on Gray at Chenevert. It will eventually be a $4 million, 43 unit complex. The Survivor's Foundation donated $1 million. The city of Houston is providing the bulk of the funding, community development and housing." What'cha y'all think 'bout this one.
  7. I moved to Midtown a little over a year ago. I live on the extreme east side of the area near 59. I started reading this board about 18 months ago.. actually before I invested and moved into the area. Professionally, I have had an interest in the area for over 5-7 years. In my time living in the area, I have read this board as a "troll" and have never posted until tonite. When I decided to move into the area, I was very encouraged by the prospect for continued growth in the retail and the residential growth. During the last year, I actually became aware of a lot of issues that were not apparent to me prior to moving to Midtown. I allowed myself to become a little discouraged by some of the realities that were not obvious prior to my residency. I actually wondered .. had I made a good choice in investing my future in this area. However, during the last several months.. and for a lot of reasons....I realized... while Midtown is far from realizing its full potential... the investment capital required to move the area forward is soon to heading our way. While most investment capital for future development moves away from the initial core of investment... Midtown is unique in the fact that a lot of the development has occurred away from the center of midtown primarily West, South and recently to the North and East ....As I review the development into these outlying areas......I still see a lot of positives for Midtown.... wide streets, good drainage, easy access to major freeways, close proximity to Downtown and all outlying areas (North/South/East and West).....My insight and intuition projects that over the next 2-5 years.. investment capital will accelerate into the core of Midtown and the area will experience a boom that we all have been waiting to see. It most likely will not be as "pedestrian" as most have long for....... since most Houstonians.... ( and most of the US citizens have a love affair with their autos)..... I hope to inspire some comments. Whatcha think?
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