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  1. As someone who lived in that area and constantly walked between The Regent Square area and Spotts and/or Cleveland Park, I totally agree....crossing both A. Parkway and walking over the bayou on Waugh, sometimes feels like death itself... I wonder what it'd take to get a pedestrian bridge from Dunlavy crossing over Allen Parkway...besides $$$$$$$
  2. I think the area that will be the most pedestrian friendly in the immediate future will be between Allen P.way and W.gray, due to the walking proximity of River Oaks shopping center to Regent Sqaure... It'd also be nice to see how Whole foods blends into the area...
  3. Only reason I'm for the bailout is b/c I'd hate to see what happens to Detroit and it's surrounding ares if GM goes Bankrupt....It could possibly turn into a post Katrina New Orleans..
  4. In home inspections with the usage of the Tramex tool, it's typical for there to be a small amount of moisture in stucco. The key to this issue is why the moisture exists and to what amount, however based on what you're describing It sounds like there is a large amount which is no good at all...For example, A moisture spot that we once found in our stucco was about 4 x 4 feet and was caused by a crack in the stucco due to the home settling. To fix this, we simply had to have the crack sealed, but if we had to replace the stucco.... It would have cost more than $20k
  5. Please tell me that you're kidding...Where did you hear this and if you have anymore details, please do provide.
  6. Esp. the units that will have a Western (Galleria Area), Southern(Medical Center) and Eastern (D.Town) views...This developer/architecture team really took advantage of those views with the units that face Memorial.
  7. The question is how long will it take to sell? With the credit markets in the trash and a lack of liquidity that exists...we may see a valet space for a while.
  8. Cats: Bucky ( Is your Bucky also plump and waddle rather than walk like mine?) Badger
  9. I agree that the builders are also pushing this phenom, but is there something wrong with being the smallest home on the block (even if others view it as a possible teardown?). What's been your experience within your n.hood...Is everyone following the "The Bigger, The Better Theme"
  10. Congrats... .. What'd you have for lunch..I miss Barnaby's so much.
  11. Haven't checked it out, but if you're into Italian, there's a pretty good sandwich/grocery/eatery at the corner of 13th and Michigan and there's also Opera which does Pan Asian (@ a really expensive price, though) on Wabash and 13th.
  12. wow, you were in my backyard w/ the pics off the Metra Station...I'm at 13th and Michigan, one block south of Roosevelt road (My building is the furthest high rise to the left in the metra train pic). If you really want to see something interesting ( or maybe I will have to take pics), go down Indiana south of 15th St. into the Prarie District and check out some of the Original Mansions on Prarie St.. It's worth the time. Also, it's called the Windy City b/c of historical politics...However, in the winters the it's the bitter cold that makes the wind really vicious.
  13. I've got to say that was the best quote I've heard in a while...Truly the best I've heard in a while (To each his own), "A Waiter's Wage"
  14. Ha, ....One kid or Kids and it also depends on the city...1200 sq.ft in Manhattan for a family of 3 maybe 4 is pretty nice.
  15. My only issue, yeah it's my own issue and I welcome any criticism, is that why are so many homes built with rooms that are unusable. For Example, The Living room w/ furniture that's used for display purposes(Typical of 4000 sq. ft. homes)....I've never seen this room used, I've only seen it observed... There's nothing like paying for furniture and space that you don't use just b/c you love the n.hood
  16. Well put, I faced the same issue when I moved to Chicago and downsized to a 800 sq.ft apt. in River North area (One of the most affluent area's downtown) from a place in Houston that was 2200 sq.ft. It's funny, but since we've downsized my partner and I feel a lot closer and rarely miss the space. We then moved from the 800 sq. ft place w/awesome views to one that is 725 sq.ft. w/ a much better layout...Pretty nice b/c we are paying $1400 vs. $2200 for those awesome views and awkward layout...Like you mentioned, the one thing we found out was that it's all about how much at "Home" do you feel when home and how much of your space is actually liveable. I also found out that there's nothing wrong with an air mattress, besides how many visitors come to visit and stay in the b.room all day? Anyone else have a story like this?
  17. BoConcept does a great job w/non bloated furniture...They specialize in apt. furniture.
  18. .. Welcome to HAIF, I just want to warn you that your life will never be the same after you've joined (In a good way)...Anyway can you give us more details, as in how the project looks from a ground level, how close it matches the renderings, etc... THX
  19. Eventhough I'm more of a fan of smaller places w/great layouts, I guess that's one way to outgrow a home, I was too focused on the overall size . The Correct Layout always wins and I wish builders would address this issue.
  20. wow, way to start a topic on a taboo subject. My vote is that it's real...
  21. I agree that excessive/greater wealth is the main driver of the lager home phenom and after reading a few socioeconomic books I've seen it also described in automobile purchases (As mentioned in a previous post). In the 80's it was Mercedes, BMW....Now the Wealthy have to once again distinguish themselves buy purchasing Bentleys, Aston Martins and Masserattis.... The McMansion Theory is here to stay..regardless of the goods I guess.
  22. Wanted to know more about Washington Ave...but I will admit that I stalked for a good 5 months before taking the plunge.
  23. I guess we will have to wait and see if home sizes actually decrease over time. One thing that I've noticed are(Ithe additional rooms that have become standard in many homes as of late...Media Room, Library/Office, Den, etc... The recent housing boom sent some of those additional rooms into overkill...
  24. Nice Observation, I never thought about the size of the furniture and in regards to the photos w/n r.e. lisitings, you couldn't be more correct.
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