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  1. Thanks for the post, this is a great idea, especially in the areas mentioned. A street car that ran a square b/w gray/washington and sheperd/waugh would also be awesome.
  2. You can't be too mad about the prices of these sliders, they seem to be on par with everyone else nationally. Also it's pretty funny, bc there's a place here in Chicago http://www.minnies.com/obama/ that specializes in these burgers just like "Little Bigs", however there's bar/rest. that doesn't specialize in these sliders http://www.englishchicago.com/eat/sandwiches/ , but their sliders are so much better and larger..so go figure.
  3. Join the club, I'm in the south loop and from the looks of the picture, the editor must live in Streeterville ? The riverwalk area in naperville is great and so is their downtown...I've spent a lot of time out there over the past 5 yrs.
  4. wow, i used to walk past this place all of the time when they were first building it...turned out great and a lot better than expected!
  5. Maintenance fees are pretty high, but @ some of these places the fee includes electricity, cable , gas, and insurance. That stuff adds up on a monthly basis no regardless of if paid as one entire fee or 3 to 4 smaller bills. However, some of these places include very little, so go figure.....i guess that's what you get for not cutting the grass..
  6. Here are other options, pretty nice community north of galleria just off of memorial and 610: http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
  7. I know you mentioned that you have no burning desire to live in a townhome, but check these out. The places on McDuffie are a little higher than your price range, but there are some that usually hit the market in the $160-$180k range and they usually don't last very long. IMO, you can't beat this location, bc "Regent Square" will be within walking distance and the River Oaks shopping center/eatery area along with multiple parks are all within a 4 to 7 minute walk: http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y Here are the recently sold units: http://www.har.com/HomeValue/dispProp.cfm?...&CRITERIA=Y Hope this helps, if i think of anything else i will post it later on...
  8. Wow, that's great news...can't wait to visit
  9. Yeah, esp w/the addition of Regent Square (though technically not rice military) and the mixed used developments (including the apt. complex @ heights & washington) that will be within walking distance of this area.... Hopefully, there will be some really nice shops/retail, etc when some of the bars/clubs phase out. Everyone complains about them, but they can do the area some good..
  10. Wicked may not be the best description, but those margaritas are a "must do"...Don't drink more than two unless you have a driver
  11. Hey Niche, Check out some of the oil and gas companies, specifically Chev, BP, etc...They often have various mid to upper level real estate positions posted online. The key to getting an interview there is actually knowing someone and placing that employee's name in the referral section. However, you may get a call based on your experience alone. With those companies it's also helps to be flexible to travel, b/c you may have the opportunity to to go overseas with these positions....Hope this helps.
  12. I second that, maybe they will start a new trend...I can't believe they were able to go forward in this economic environment... unbelievable!!
  13. Wish you the best of luck, I will definitely check this out the next time I'm in Houston!
  14. What would you buy tjones...(or anyone else w/exp) 06 gs lexus w/32k miles or 07 acura tl w/25k miles? Due to the recession they are very similar in price...(mid $20k range) Also, what do you know about Infiniti's (06 G35 sedan)? Longevity, etc
  15. Slider's are all the rage and they are a lot better than White Castle burgers..They are basically mini burgers (1/3 the size of a regular burger), and you can get anything from pulled pork to Vegan sliders....Really good and 3 will usually do the job.
  16. Wow, sounds exciting...however, I'd rather see this somewhere inside the loop b/c it'd definitely bring more density to wherever it's located. Kudos to Pearland..
  17. Any idea of the exact location of this pseudo "gentlemen's club"?
  18. Yeah, a bridge across Allen P.Way at Waugh would be great, b/c there's already a bridge along Waugh that crosses Memorial and leads into Cleveland Park. However, "A Bridge to Bridge Connection" just may be too much to ask for from Dunlavy/Allen P.Way to the now existing bridge at Memorial/Waugh..
  19. Ditto...Can we get a tentative release date or something..
  20. This is an entire discussion to itself, but since most of Houston isn't a population-dense city and home prices are still in check, it's hard to justify buying in a high rise unless you take into consideration the amenities(what's included in the maintenance fee) of most high-rises: THESE are Avg's. Only Landscaping: $25/month Pool usage: $20/month Workout facility (midscale w/privacy): $50 pp/month Homeowners Insurance (but, renters insurance, $100/yr, is needed): $120/month Standard Cable/Internet: $100/month Water: $10 Total: $325 At some places, Electricity is also included, so go figure. It's not that bad of a deal at all, it's just all about what's included!
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