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  1. Late Deliveries (esp. on larger purchases...not a wk or 2, but a month or two) and not really worth it unless you're spending a lot of money.
  2. thanks 214, his residential developments are awesome..
  3. Only in Texas...(Just another reason why the State has such a bad/hick reputation)
  4. Thanks Gooch, That's probably the best comment I've heard on this thread over the last 24hrs..sorry for causing all of the non-sense with my selfish remarks.
  5. Gosh, biche.... Ok, in my opinion (my opinion only), it'd be nice to see the parking behind the building and it'd also be nice to see the building closer to the street. Therefore, I conclude that this idea was botched (by the city or whoever..) All about the visual effects for me..
  6. I posted this on the other Washington Ave Page: As for the "Daily Grind"....http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2009/03/02/story10.html
  7. As for the "Daily Grind"....http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2009/03/02/story10.html
  8. either the Benji's or Cova...same developer I totally agree, esp with the location of this development...(it has the apartments "The Core" across washington and the 2 story brick building across Leverkuhn....They are both built upon the sidewalk with parking in the rear=high density/walkable?). I just hope this type of development does not continue.
  9. Yeah, but you can botch a rendering....(since they are planning to soon break ground on this...you can consider the front parking lot...botched.)
  10. Flipper, I will definitely keep you in mind, bc somewhere in the near future we will definitely need your services for our townhome. Good luck
  11. can't complain, esp in this economy...retail is never a bad thing, but only if the parking were in the back(how many times will developers botch this idea). exact address...3939 Washington (@leverkuhn)
  12. And they make them on the spot....for cheap too!!
  13. hmmm..so have we concluded that you can't compare one street "Wash. Ave" (no matter how great the surrounding n.hood may be) to an entire zip code/n.hood of MidTown (with its pre existing multi-story buildings and street grid)? If comparing, let's go with "apples to apples/oranges to oranges"..(Washington Ave. is too long of a street to ever be as dense/urban as MidTown w/n 5yrs.)
  14. Brian0123...just curious, where'd you live when you were off of Washington Ave? When I lived off Wash. Ave in 06&07, only a CERTAIN portion of the area was walkable(but I can't say that the entire corridor is walkable) in regards to food, bars, etc...however there are a lot more wine/bars/eateries there now, so anything is possible depending on how close you live to that cluster (East of TC jester...West of Yale/Heights) places. Midtown definitely has the upper hand when considering that everything isn't on one street...But has the growth rate slowed in Midtown? that's where Wash Ave has the upper hand. IMO, you just can't compare Washington Ave to Midtown (and it's grid)...2 totally different areas. I'm under the impression that Wash Ave will grow more into an area similar to Rice Village or W.11th (but w/o the West Univ./Heights influence)
  15. InTheloop really summed it up, the one thing I can recall about CL is that if you ever have a day off and decide to stay at home you/your friends will definitely appreciate the lack of random traffic that you will sometimes get in West Haven. Yes, CL borders the park but the park's traffic rarely comes through the n.hood beyond someone jogging/walking a dog/pushing a stroller ... Maybe that's why the crime rate is non existent. It also depends on what your friends value... IMO CL is a really great and has more of a quaint n.hood feeling to than west haven, and the location of CL can't be beat.(Unless you're working far west)
  16. I actually saw the listing for the "2747 North Lakeview Avenue" property when i lived one block away from it and it's awesome inside if you're into art, b/c it has a ton of wall space and it appears that the owner used it specifically for that purpose..however, the property took a lot of heat b/c its style obviously doesn't fit into that of its surrounding n.hood. If you get a chance check out the midrise condo building at n.wells and grand(south west corner of intersection)..It's definitely One of the more interesting glass/cement buildings around.
  17. I agree about the VW "CC", i saw it again at the car show last night and it almost resembles the Mercerdes CLS at half the price.
  18. Ha, that will never happen...Well, definitely not anytime soon.
  19. Yeah, but the one thing i don't miss are the super high property taxes in the Houston area and as i recall, if you're living in Naperville (a great town/suburb that i'm all to familiar with b/c my spouse is from there) you definitely get a larger home in the burbs of Houston!! However, Downtown Naperville would put any houston suburb outlying town to shame b/c The suburbs up this way are just more than outlying areas..would you agree?
  20. Houston is a VERY Underrated city... I've been in the Midwest( Indianapolis, Madison and Chicago since before 2000 and the right situation (jobs/business venture for my spouse and I) would have us back to Houston in a heartbeat. Houston is unique in that it's People/Residents are very involved in their respective communities...This just doesn't happen in every major city due to major influx of outsiders, lack of common areas (yards/parks) and long term residents. I REALLY miss the weather, (yes, i'm a warm weather person and can you imagine a winter that typically lasts from late October to May when it's finally 65 degrees) the food and the people. Chicago is a great city, however like every city it has some major pitfalls.. As far as the job selection in Houston, its' industries could be more diverse. Go figure, I think this secluded highrise living has killed a part of my soul How about it Editor? Can you give us an unbiased opinion?
  21. Ditto...just had to add my 2 cents and right now i see that our warm front (40-50 degrees is slowing moving out (back to the 20's, but @least we are out of the low teens for a while!)
  22. Wow, sorry..it was totally meant as a compliment, bc i actually loved those townhomes next door to you (specifically 4302) and i also admire your home as well..I hope i didn't permanently run you away from HAIF, bc that was not the plan
  23. Did you guys at all take into consideration the look of your neighbors homes (specifically 4302, etc.) before building, bc it's awesome that the has a similar/industrial look as those homes..NICE JOB!!
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