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  1. here's a question...is it the train noise or the quality of construction of various homes in the surrounding area? for some srange reason, take into account that i'd typically go to sleep around 2 am, when i lived in that area a few years back the train noise was never an issue and none of my neighbors ever complained about it..maybe we were too far south of the tracks or maybe our northern windows were somewhat sound proof, but of course you'd hear the horn the noise was never a huge nuisance.. Anyone else feel this way? (Hey yankee...are you a homeowner yet or still a hopeful?) Just looking out for my "Big Ten" people..Go Badgers...However, i specifically remember stumping on the "O" in Columbus. Fun times!
  2. This is really interesting and you're definitely correct about the pricing issue. It's weird to see that there are now places in that area going for above the $315k mark, but I guess that's what happens when density increases. I remember in 2006 the majority of the homes in that area were well below $280k and at that time if you spent more than $315k you were getting new construction with all of the upgrades. Eventually (maybe another 1.5-2 yrs.) many of those clubs/bars will convert into some type of retail/dining and the density will increase even more. I'm sure the builders/developers can see that happening and are setting prices accordingly.
  3. I agree, i also booked a Ritz-Cartlon and they gave me the same deal but @$215 night on a beach...this is definitely the year to travel and I don't forsee these deals going away anytime soon.
  4. great article, very accurate even in the 2000's: http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/07/15/navarrette.latino.ivy/index.html
  5. To all of the posers... Check out this map and pay close attention to the "City Limits" boundary, since The Heights were technically a suburb. http://www.tsl.state.tx.us/arc/maps/images/map0435.jpg and here's the post from over 2 years ago: http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/in...p;hl=washington
  6. I'm sure this question was correctly answered on here a year or two ago......and the answer is (Drum Roll.....)? Part of Washington avenue is the heights. I will try to find the original post on this topic.
  7. Don't worry, I haven't figured it out either...I actually spent most of my high school years in the heights area and I'm still baffled as to what's so cool about it. I think it's become the cool "little old charm" area of houston that doesn't serve alcohol. Anything else??
  8. Where are you located? It's finally warming up here in Chicago, this winter (one of the longest in a few years) lingered around until a week ago (highs were in the low 60's). Now we can put away most of our jackets & winter wear. Hopefully I'm not jinxing us as I speak or TYPE.
  9. Yeah, Chicago has a few versions of the Tower/brownstone & townhome action going, specifically in the Museum Park Tower area http://www.museumpark.com/home.asp, and it's wonderful and looks really pristine. This may be new to Houston, but it's great for an urban environment that's in need of non-high rise living.
  10. It's funny that everyone makes that comparison of Washington Ave to Richmond (or midtown, downtown, etc)and that everyone is obviously complaining about the bars, but I actually PREFER the bars on Washington Ave. compared to what was there before the bars came in... OLD Tire Shops, Used Car Lots, Grassy Lots and buildings that were a COMPLETE EYESORE. I'm just so tired of everyone complaining, It was just 3 or 4 years ago, when I'd have out of town visitors and would try to avoid driving down Washington at all costs..Now there's actually legitimate businesses, eateries, bars, etc.... Since the bars may only be a 3 to 5 yr. phase (if not 5 to 7 yrs.), they are a definite upgrade to what was there 5 yrs. ago. PEOPLE WE MUST CRAWL before we WALK (even if it's a PUB Crawl )
  11. Actually Los Angeles has been having problems as of late with their palms also and have planned to take down various palms along with an effort to stop planting them completely. Also, there are some palms that are native to texas and the southeast texas region, but who knows if those trees that are currently planted are native or not.
  12. Wow, due to the lack of trees (which equates to more sunlight), you can almost try anything. Here are some suggestions: Oleanders (any color and they come in various heights, it just depends on what you're looking to do. THEY LOVE SUN) They look great in clusters and require very little water. Hibiscus ( require frequent, 2-3times wk, watering and/or moist soil.) They really do "Pop" and tend to grow wide and tall, so please give them space. Roses (Any type, as long as they get sun) Magnolia (Midget) Trees (They usually flower, white/bronze, very well.) You could use 2 or 3 of these on each side of sidewalk.
  13. Nice to see the site is up and running.
  14. Never pay asking price. (unless there are other bids or the property is undervalued) Sellers usually pay closing costs, so don't worry too much about that.
  15. Wow, it's crazy to view how historical events have affected the job situation across the US (i.e. katrina, bank collapse, SoCal/Miami Real Estate, etc)
  16. We were in a similar situation a few years ago when we purchased a t.home just north of Feagan Street in 2006 . Things changed and we had to relocate at the end of 2007 and began leasing the place out at that point for a 15% profit. So far, it's been a great investment and rents have increased dramatically over the past few years in that area. Here are some helpful hints (if purchasing): 1) If possible, put a down payment of at least 15 - 20% (This way, it's a win/win as a homeowner or a future landlord based on rents in the area) 2) Try to purchase a place with a private driveway and small (20 x 20) backyard (this combination is hard to find in that area, therefore they will always be in high demand = higher prop. values and rental price) 3) Property values in most of that area (surrounding Feagan street) are no longer at the bottom..It seems that they bottomed out last year. 4) We rented our place out in the $2300 range, last winter we could've gotten at least $2600 if our tenants didn't renew. Also, our place has appreciated more than 15% in less than 3yrs but a lot of that was in year 1...go figure 5) As far as the difference in price tags for the same property, generally from Feagan the closer you get to Washington ave or for each block north of Washington prices tend to decrease by 5 to 10% per 2 blocks b/c the area north of Washngton is still transitioning as everyone has mentioned...Seriously. 6) I can't really comment on the east/west of sheperd issue, b/c I always thought the area east of sheperd/south of washington was much quieter than the area west of sheperd. Good luck
  17. I understand your drift, but there are many guys who are naturally toned and meant to be thin. Once these guys are able to add muscle the sky is the limit in regards to how much muscle mass they can add to their frames... For example, andre is not truly 6'3 and I've seen a # of guys (esp. outside linebackers and rush ends) @ 6'3 or 6'4 235 to 250 who are just as lean, but they tend to have lankier frames that are almost similar to basketball players.
  18. Wow, where and how long did you play sports? Did you Ever play on the professional level? Maybe your body or your diet did not allow for the weight gain.. It's not fair to call someone a steroid user...I was 175lbs as a junior in high school and just before the combine (6 yr's later)...I was 244lbs and never took steroids and never knew anyone who took steriods...so go figure. It's funny, bc I eventually reached 252lbs w/o any supplements and I was never over 13% body fat..
  19. Sounds good...I'm visiting in a few months and plan to stop by
  20. I can see this thread exploding/getting very busy shortly...here's my 2cents : http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/index.php?showtopic=15598 Also, what's your age group? 20's, 30's, etc
  21. Hasn't Halbert Park always been "kind of rough" part of the hood? I remember walking through that area many times when they were trying to rebuild/gentrify that area in 1996-2000 and it's come a long way, but I guess it still has a way to go...displacing others or not. As long as you have active neighbors and an increasing tax base, they won't be there for long bc they simply won't be able to afford it. One word of caution, be careful and try to act like you are minding your business when out there, esp if you don't blend in...we are in a recession and armed robbery is common in that area(reported or not).
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