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  1. How can you assume that. They play one ranked team all yr... and that's Georgia from an underwhelming SEC East.

    Having a good football program does not make you a Goliath.

    3rd best academic ranked school from the 39th ranked most populous state in a 2nd tier conference.... i don't care how good they are, That's a David.

    That's why people want to see them play actual competition in a bowl... Not against another BCS buster, not against the BEast champ, a big name school with a big name football program. Same goes for UH... I wanna see how they'd do against the Pac or B10. Boise St beating UH or visa versa doesn't show us much.

    I'm confused about the "Having a good football program does not make you a Goliath" statement but will refrain as we can all look at TCU's 5 min of fame...Anyway, didn't UH get a win vs. PAC-12 via UCLA this year? Ok, well I'm also sure that Boise st. rocked Georgia (SEC) and when they were on the field they "Physically" looked better than a lot of other SEC teams, but that doesn't matter either....I understand where you are coming from, but the big schools gain "NOTHING" from playing "David" in a non championship game, which is why there needs to be a playoff system.

    Think about it, how much does a win in a non championship bowl game matter if it doesn't even count for second place and the loss counts for absolutely nothing in the players eyes as long as they don't get injured or screw up their NFL money...:unsure:

    BCS = Big Crook System!

    Let's play for 3,4,5th place, guys!!!

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  2. Would be a disservice to both of them.. just like 2010 Fiesta (TCU / Boise). Nobody wants to see David vs David... they want to see David vs Goliath, like 2011 Rose (TCU / Wiscy)

    Boise = Goliath...Boise can beat any team in the top five less BAMA.

  3. We've seen Oregon play an SEC team (granted, the best SEC team or 2nd best, not a middle of the pack team) two years in a row, and it hasn't gone well. So they're hard to believe too, which affects Stanford's credibility.

    Didn't Oregon play Tenn last year? Also the ntl. chmp. game was just gross as is most Bowl Games that occur after 4-5 bye weeks. Cant wait until the playoff system is put into play b/c this BCS/Bowl game crap is a complete joke.

  4. I'm not saying they're actually any good, but we blew them out at their place. You can make an even bigger argument like this against Wisconsin. They haven't had ANY road games, and their only decent win is over a way overrated Nebraska team who barely got by an Ohio St team who almost lost to Toledo. Illinois and Michigan State are the only two ranked teams on Wisconsin's schedule, and what are the chances both stay ranked all year? Wisconsin going undefeated will not prove anything except that the big 10 sucks.

    20th...What's your beef w/us Badgers? Isn't that where your Honey Badger player got his nickname, :lol:. They couldn't nick name him a lion or a Tabby Cat? I'm a Badger and I will agree that the Big 10 isn't great this year by any means, but let's get the facts correct. Wisco also beat Nebraska as well which equates to 3 ranked teams. 20th, you are really disappointing me with your Badger hate....Actually all the Hate that you're spreading on any team that's not the Tigers. 1st it's Stanford then Wisc, then Wisc, then Stanford, then BRAG about beating a BIG EAST team...

    C'Mon MAN!

  5. In the end, we are going to lose 2 games anyway. But right now it's fun to look ahead.

    I give LSU 1 loss max (unless Ark gives them #2) since they've beat Oregon already. Don't undersell ur tigers..BTW, playing in Morgantown is weak and has never been a tough place to play, that place is no different than many Texas high school stadiums other than maybe the Trailer parks that surround the Stadium in WV...It was only a big game b/c of rankings at that time.

    Gotta get out of the house and go to work, but definitely looking forward to tracking our convo's over the next few weekends 20th. Maybe ASU will take down Oregon this wknd?

  6. We gave Oregon and WVU their only losses (probably the only ones they'll have all year). They aren't top 5 teams (one was, both might end up that way), but they're better than any teams in the big 10 outside of Wisconsin. Florida wasn't so bad until their starting QB went down, that would do most teams in. I agree that the SEC is Bama and LSU and everyone else, but everyone else is still better than Wisconsin or Stanford's everyone else. Who near the top has played a better schedule than we have? I don't care who bama plays, and I hope they lose every week.

    You are under a complete illusion about some things.

    1. Oregon has to play Stanford, which could equate to a second loss as Oregon barely beat Stanford last year.

    2. Are you forgetting the BIG 12, specifically OU and Okl. State? There will likely be an undefeated team from the Big 12 this year and OSU has an Offense that's on fire (They look like LSU's polar opposite mirror image...great Offense, questionable Defense)

    3. With the exception of the Big 10, there are 2 solid teams (OU/OSU,Stan/Ore,Wisc/?) in each "Major Football" conference which makes your "Everybody else's" argument flawed if you're including Auburn, Kentucky,S.Carolina, Georgia, Ole Missing, FLA, Tenn,etc.

    4. What about Boise, they crushed you're everybody else Georgia correct?

    5. Penn State has a top 10 Defense, hence the reason I threw them in the convo unless you want to agree that Bama's only formidable opponent is LSU

    6. WVU and the Big East football(?) is a joke currently...please don't consider that a meaningful win.

    7. Who near the top has played your schedule? What week of the season is this and please don't get too high on the Oregon win?

    8. I've always had a likening for LSU but I'm just stating the obvious

  7. Please don't show ignorance by adding Penn St to the list of teams that mean anything. Come on. Bama hasn't played anyone out of conference, but their conference schedule is full of much bigger challenges than those that Wisc and Stanford will face. I said Stanford and Wisconsin haven't played anyone, and by the end of the season they still won't have.

    No, they don't. That's kind of my point. LSU or Bama making it with 1 loss is a much more impressive feat than if Stanford goes undefeated, because they don't play anyone. Oregon can't count for Stanford if you don't count them for us. The point is Stanford HAS to play them and doesn't play anyone out of conference, we chose to play 2 real out of conference games.

    They might, they might not. It's fun being relevant, and damn good. How's your team doing?

    My former team is doing great and in top 5 as well, but it's no big deal. As for out of conf. wins(or inner conference), please tell me again who have Bama and LSU have beaten? Florida is a complete over hyped joke just as FSU, Auburn, Miss St. and S.Carolina...LSU and BAMA are co-dependent right now and one will go down, but only to win against a "TERRIBLE" Eastern half of the SEC.

    If you check my post from t before the start of the season, I called out exactly what's happening, correct?:lol:

  8. . I just hope Stanford loses and Wisconsin loses. If LSU or bama has 1 loss I think they deserve a shot more than Stanford or Wisconsin, because neither of them played anyone.

    Who has Bama or LSU played? WVU, Penn State and Oregon...Two of those 3 teams rely on gimmicky offenses and Oregon is only good at the Mid-Late Season point because their Offense requires weeks of game reps (Look at how Oregon or any team in Ntl. game after weeks off....again look at Oregon in game 1 after a summer off against no competition.) and they look like they are playing a style of Canadian football. Add Penn State..They have a solid defense but can't score on anyone and barely beat Iowa.

    There's no way that a 1 loss LSU or Florida "Deserves" anything, which is why there are 3 major conferences that now have conf. championship games vs. 2 conf, (i.e. SEC and Big 12). So, if Stanford losses to 1 game but beats Oregon in Conference Championship, should they also "Deserve" a shot ? (They'd be able to say they beat Oregon just like a 1 loss LSU team)

    Sorry 20th st., I find it hard to believe that BAMA won't prevail over your tigers and won't go undefeated because LSU's offense is suspect and hasn't played one real defense yet. Maybe I will be eating my words soon, but oh well.

  9. No chatter today? I have an excuse, I was in E TX at a family reunion. Fun day, at least for my Tigers.

    As for the pick 'em, I find it very odd that we all picked Tennessee. All low confidence, but they're hardly a big favorite. In fact, aside from 1 guy taking TT, we all have the same picks for the remaining 5 games. I don't feel like doing math, but confidence numbers will likely allow for movement in the weekly top score. I'm not doing so hot with Tennessee and Nebraska. Nebraska has proven to be garbage this year. but so has Ohio St, dammit. Not my fault.

    I was depending on Nebraska w/9 so I'm dead if they don't pull it off. Ohio state is terrible which is why I put 9 on Nebraska. Also, what was all of the Hype about Florida?

    Anyone predicting an OU/Bama ntl. title game following a Stanford/Wisc game which will ultimately lead us into a playoff discussion assuming all are undefeated?

  10. SEC? You need to be watching Baylor's Griffin right now. Guy's a beast.

    Can't disagree, S. Carolina is overrated and Auburn are the " TERRIBLE TIGERS ". I hope that Florida/BAMA save the day

    FYI..I picked K-State :lol:

  11. I don't think Nebraska is for real this year. They can't beat Wisconsin (who I think is the best of a bad big 10).

    Aggies, huh. I think we should employ a relegation two-tier system like soccer in England. Relegate teams that don't get it done to a lesser conference. C-USA would love that, gives their teams a chance to play in a BCS conference if they get it done.

    I'm in agreement about the two-tier system as this would eliminate the "We are too small to play and we are too big to fail!"

    BTW, I think this is a down year in college fball for the 2nd year in a row...it all started w/a weak bama team that beat texas, followed by a one-hit wonder of Auburn. I say this as I watch so called #10 ranked s.carolina struggle with Auburn.GROSS

  12. They're just a tad more than treasuries, but they're low-risk and tax-free, with returns that are commensurate with the risk and the lack of taxes.

    Yeah, I know you were hoping that I'd say 20%. Sorry. Investments don't work that way.

    Yep, thx. I looked into some muni bonds and they don't look bad at all, esp if u are gaining 7-8% return tax free w/o maint. costs. Not 15-20%, but that equates to 9-11% a year, not bad at all Niche! A few muni's could really serve as a stable bond flow and a way to have your money WORK for you and not the opposite.

  13. There is such a thing as passive income with tax advantages (think muni-bonds) (and do not confuse real estate for a passive investment), but there is no such thing as passive wealth management. Do not allow your eyes to glaze over at the sight of a periodic check. Always consider the full costs of investment, inclusive of your time, and the risks associated with the value of the underlying asset.

    How much do muni-bonds typically payout in terms of IRR%? What type of tax incentives are avail. and are they taxed in the "Cap gains" world?

    Maybe it's something worth looking into...thx

  14. I think you overstate the decline in value of parking. In particular, there is little evidence that an increase in the number of people taking mass transit has anything to do with the proposal to convert a portion of the Grant Park parking into a data center. That parking is relatively inconvenient to office workers and is only heavily used when there are large events in Grant Park. Further, there has been no significant increase in transit usage in Chicago. The CTA's ridership has been pretty stable.

    More interesting facts in regards to transit usage...My original thought is that with future population estimates and reliable job locations (i.e. Merchandise Mart/river north just north of loop..not downtown in the loop, bc that place is a ghost town after 6pm) in an international city, at least a space or even storage units will appreciate at the same rate of inflation or more in the first five years while providing return in the form of tax reductions. The other facet is that there will always be a % of tenants who will need an additional parking space or storage that's not readily available from the condo itself.

    Any other ideas?

  15. Avoid affiliate programs/MLM/the "lead generation industry." I know someone who does that full-time, and he says the bottom really fell out of it in the last few years.

    You already mentioned rental property. Depending on the type, that seems like a good idea. People gotta live somewhere.

    I wouldn't count on parking spaces to consistently appreciate. In my experience, it's not always true.

    Standalone parking garages in big cities are having a hard time competing these days. Some offer free car washes, dry cleaning, and other perks just to attract customers. That's because most new development is required to have its own parking, so the third-parties are shut out, except if you're in a bar/restaurant/theater area and can milk the tourists.

    I know one five-story parking garage that is now a surface parking lot because the money wasn't there to maintain the structure. Nearby, they're talking about converting one of the big parking garages under Grant Park in Chicago into a data center because so many people are taking mass transit instead of driving.

    In 2003, I paid $300/month for a parking space in downtown Chicago. Today, the same garage is charging $130/month for the same space, and it's converted the ground floor parking spaces into street-level retail. Sounds to me like parking might not be the place to be.

    Really appreciate the input as that's the only way to learn! Also, I know exactly what your talking about in regards to the costs of parking spaces. I rented a space in 07-08 for $235 across from the Merchandise Mart. that's now renting for $185-200,but the owners of the pkg. spaces got killed when they paid $55-60k+ but now selling for less than $40k. Just had a thought that this would be a good time to buy, but hearing the news that you just mentioned is definitely cause for concern.

  16. With the stock market returning 9-12% a year on average while not accounting for capital gains tax, portfolio mgt. fees, inflation, lack of tax writeoffs (okay you get where I'm going...), What are some other Investments that provide monthly cash flow with a consistent yearly return that also provide maximum tax reductions while also appreciating yearly? The great thing about some of these ideas are that they provide legal tax loop holes which heavily reduce your taxable income, which equates to an instant Return directly from yours truly, Uncle Sam!!

    Please add to my list and let's all educate one another and become more financially aware:

    -Investment Property (Monthly cash flow, Tax deductions of depreciation/mortgage interest/expenses/mileage/real estate taxes,etc.)

    -Parking spaces in high density cities (i.e. Chicago/NYC...Monthly cash flow, Tax deductions, low/no maintenance, consistent appreciation,etc.)

    -Taxi Cab Medallions (Look it up in Chicago/NYC/Boston...Buy the permit and charge rent for your "Paper Permit" daily/monthly)

    -Affiliate Programs/Multi Lvl mkting.

  17. exactly and the personal experience doesn't hurt either :D...This week will be interesting since there are a lot somewhat obvious picks. Any upset predicitons other than A&M or possibly LSU (Warning: WVU doesn't really run the ball so they may struggle a bit)?

    did Biff give you the Gray's Sports Almanac back in high school?? :lol:

  18. Figure I would share our pickem scores with the rest of Haif.

    Sowanome is destroying us through 3 weeks and is in the 93rd percentile of all ESPN players. Congrats to Aggie92 and TimmyChan for being the first to forget your weekly picks. Haify history tells us that it will happen to us all at some point.

    1 Sowanome - 42 - 40 - 52 = 134

    2 Distribaire PE - 41 - 42 - 43 = 126

    3. The Pragmatist -38 - 46 - 35 = 119.9

    4 20thStDad 41 - 38 - 37 = 116.9

    5 RedScare82 - 30 - 42 - 43 = 115

    6 Highway6 - 35 - 34 - 44 = 113

    7 Aggie92 - 40 - 40 = 80

    8 Timmy Chan - 38 - 32 = 70

    Please don't Jinx me! Let's just say that I shoot for 40 pts. every week and that I typically have an unfair advantage.......

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