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  1. UPDATES: 1. "The Social" Is open or at least that's what the sign indicates? I will go try it sometime this week. 2. Here is the website to the development on Feagan between Detering and Sheperd http://www.cacereshomes.com/ 3. Azuma has windows and it looks as if they are actually trying to finish the building, FINALLY. What do you think
  2. Technically, " A Portion" of washington avenue is considered the southern boundary of "The Heights" or Houston Heights for historic reasons. I think this boundary is at Washington and Heights Intersection, which is evident by the street " Heights BLVD. or Heights N." and if you travel up this north on this street you can tell by the Light Fixtures along the white bridge and the numbered street signs prior to going under I-10. Yes, I know there is the sign and all that indicates and welcomes you into the heights but THIS IS HISTORY? or I guess BUt washington ave is still washington ave
  3. Corkscrew is great and there is no other place in town like it, I hope the new stuff that's being built around washington this has the same feeling. It looks like "the social" is going after a similar crowd with wifi, burgers and the laid back atmosphere.
  4. Took a ride down wash. today and saw more than the usual amount of construction taking place on Azuma!!! Also it looks likes the apartments at washington/yale are coming along as is the the development that will house the blue label. Any renderings or possible tenants?? Another wine bar would be great since Max's is always crowded. Please post info.
  5. Thanks, b/c this is the only thing I saw: http://www.northhoustonbank.com/commercial/com_re.php
  6. I went to Cleveland Park the other day, which is in the Rice Military area off of Memorial and JAckson Hill Street, and I noticed a lot of construction on Memorial Hill Apartments. Just recently I remember people living there and no signs of upcoming demolition. More than half of the building looks vacant and there were no cars in the p.lot, Any ideas??
  7. I agree! WATER, WATER, WATER and more WATER. From experience, water is always the trick and when using fertilizer, LESS is always the best. B/c a small amount of fertilizer will not seem like enough, but it's always more than enough. Mainly b/c a small amount will induce growth and anything extra will induce burning and future overgrowth.
  8. sounds like a plan! solid guess, but keep trying. (I like the thought- south of wash, north of memorial)
  9. How can we form a new forum for wash. ave?
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