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  1. The Joule and Charlie Palmer ROCK!!

  2. Just had to say this...Happy 4/20. lol

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    2. Trae


      Well, maybe he's a college student? You're right about that though. My entire FB feed yesterday was filled with 4/20 celebrators and haters.

    3. sowanome


      college was a few yrs ago and who said i was toker? Sorry to bring out hateful feelings..U sound a like conservative during alcohol prohibition. I should start a thread on how people feel on this..would be interesting.

    4. sowanome


      too bad i'm not a drinker, but I'm definitely not a hater..hate hate hate

  3. btho ?=Beat The Hicks Ole Irish! lol

  4. He's pretty much the best, why mot pay him? People leave jobs everyday to earn more...

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