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  1. Any takers for the 2014 challenge !?!
  2. Thanks Prag and JT16...let's just say that I've gotten lucky and I also have a few unfair advantages as it relates to scouting CFB or NFL.
  3. What's going on for our group in 2013?
  4. Grew up there and went to the same local h.school as my Parents & Grandparents. My family has lived in the area since the 30's and it's always been Studewood until you refer to the "The Heights", at this point "Independence Heights" generally comes into the discussion as Studewood is part of the "Independence Heights". They are one in the same, just when describing the the location it's easier to speak in terms of the "The Heights".
  5. Howard- I totally agree with the risk profile, but like I mentioned you must become comfortable with the idea of failure. For example, here are 2 quotes that I consistently think of: " You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take " Basketball reference that applies to bizz risks " You can't win if you're not in the game and you certainly can't win without a chance of losing (failure)" If you're worried about risk, then base risk on you're net worth (i.e. take risk in the 5-15% range of you're net worth, so that you can easily replace in a year or 2 with you're income/wages considering that you seem like a decent saver.) Other Non-sexy's (Think of opp's and jobs that seem beneath you, seriously): mobile pet cleaning bizz, home insulation company(Hello Hot/Humid Weather!!), SENIOR CITIZEN Services (Baby Boomer$$$!!), etc. These opp's typically work because those who can participate rarely have the capital and those with the capital seem to always think on a much larger scale. You can also consider buying struggling businesses as well.
  6. Congrats Howard- ***Disclaimer, a lot Haifer's will not like my initial comments but by the end it will make a lot of sense. Forget the stocks and INVEST in YOURSELF (i.e. bizz opp's, real estate, etc.). Honestly, outside of Tanith's comments I'd ignore 75% of the other comments on this thread and only take advice from those who have done what you're attempting to do. Otherwise you will do what average people do and remain average (8-10% before inflation & taxes via stocks). Take Calculated Risk like the wealthy do. The problem is that the wealthy won't tell you all of their secrets because that would dilute their market, right? 4 recommendations: 1) Purchase some rental real estate in a quality area as the area and price point will help screen tenants. Hold it for at least 8 years and at that point you're tenants will have provided some serious equity (increasing you're net worth) and this is a great inflation hedge as rents increase with inflation. Don't worry about repairs, that's part of the game (lowers taxable income). I own real estate (positive cash flowing) in Houston and have been successful managing the properties while living over 1,000 miles away, I'm sure you can do this locally. 2) Look for investment opp's in you're current profession as you're learning curve will be highly reduced and you may be able to find another capital partner who will also help mitigate you're risk especially if they bring business and complimentary skills to the table that you don't possess. For example, in 2011 I took a risk with $21k that eventually required an additional $20k ($41k total). We broke even 9 months later and now with increased margins our investment has increased more than 200% and we keep reinvesting into this "Non Sexy" business. I'd love to tell you what we are involved with but that'd be bad for business. Focus on the "Non Sexy" and increase your comfort level with Failure (i.e. w/a good accountant if u lose all $25k, u will capture @ least 50-80% of that back come tax time) 3) Look around your social and professional circle, and surround yourself with like minded individuals like yourself. If successful, you will always be short of capital, but not ideas. Also, be sure to invest in what you or someone you're close to is knowledgeable or an expert. 4) Why not keep increasing you're capital and be prepared for the right opportunity. Here's some investment ideas I've been presented: - Self serv car washes (i.e. will also own the real estate), Parking lots, Parking spaces (Dense Cities), Mall Kiosk - Ownership in Minor league baseball teams, Liquor company, Medical facilities, Commercial Real estate (These all offered ownership @various levels..$10k = 1-5%, $20k=5%, etc.)
  7. I'm guessing that Penn State is officially no longer a D-1 program
  8. Is this happening? I lived by this the last 2 falls....
  9. Great way to increase revenue and capital in a time when it's heavily needed.
  10. Coogs....looks like S.Miss is the best team on the field today!! Oh well, all of that build up for what? Also, who really wanted to see UH's Defense play against the BIG BOYS if they can't handle S. Miss...not I!
  11. Sounds like The SEC Sucks outside of LSU and maybe BAMA....Look at what Wisco did to Penn St. (45-7) vs. Bama's (27-11). Here we are with another year of meaningless bowl games(Sr.'s only care about not getting hurt, same for Jr's so they can take advantage of their remaining time off before class starts) outside of Title Game (5 week lay over...yeah that's great football)...can't wait for a playoff. Maybe I will pull my own BCS this week and give a half effort in my participation this week in Pickem, since it appears that I have this "HAIF" thing wrapped up!
  12. Playoff system definitely needed and I agree with the wildcard statement, but after reading Kinkaid's post about Bama it seems outrageous to give Bama another shot esp if LSU makes it...That Just Ain't Right. There's nothing good about playing a team twice esp when the 2nd meeting is for everything. Anyway, let's see if Beamer and Va Tech plays the "Opportunity" card if they win out this weekend......There's too much money on the table for them not to do so.
  13. That's interesting....But, some part of me believes that "IF" Va Tech wins out and fails to advance to #2, there will be a national out cry b/c Bama failed to beat LSU at HOME in OT in Alabama. So why should they get a second shot to play them when they already had their chance to over take LSU. A rematch is definitely not fair for LSU, but Life isn't fair. I'm hoping that 20th's Team (LSU, who else?) can pull it off and go undefeated!!!!
  14. I guess you take the good with the bad with this crap BCS system. I'm just having a hard time understanding THE BCS can justify sending a 1-loss Bama to the NTL.Championship w/o winning or participating in a conference championship. From the looks of it, if VTech/Ok St./Stanford wins out they are just as deserving for a chance to play in the game as BAMA...A loss is a loss Poor Houston...BCS will get you everytime
  15. Tough loss Clemson.......Ok. St. is Ok. St., why did anyone expect different.
  16. Classic Material being shared and I can honestly say that this gave me the much needed laughter after a LONG Day!
  17. Yeah saying the "C" word isn't called for it's almost like saying.. "FEAR THE TRAILER PARK, AL Sharpton
  18. I guess I had my foot in my mouth with the whole "Boise" run...gross! Even the ref's tried to extend the game by throwing that ridiculous pass interf. penalty against TCU on 4 & 10...Oh well, Coogs can you make a Run??? In other news I thought that Rice was gonna make a run on the BIG Ten by beating Northwestern as that would've been an interesting conversation. Looks like we will know Standfords fate in less than 3 hours...........
  19. Cant believe that my post from last Wed didn't make it on here...anyway, after watching the BAMA-TENN game I was not impressed with Bama at all hence the confidence vote to LSU of 1 point. Hopefully Stanford can go undefeated and LSU will make it past ARK..LSU vs. Stanford anyone?
  20. Ha, when did the Big 10 have a shot at the ntl. championship?? I picked M$U (another 40 pt. wk) because I knew that Wisco's defense was stiff and unathletic esp up front....Just had no clue why so many people (including you 20th) were so high on them. On the otherhand It's gross to see how terrible college football is this year in ALL CONFERENCE's (i.e. just look at the top 15 teams...ugghh). This is 2 years in a row of sub par fball and It's never been so refreshing to see Sunday roll around. On a better note, I actually think that collegiate team in Houston (not rice) may be on to something if they continue to outscore teams, but they will likely show like crap in a bowl game because it'll take their offense 3 qtrs to get going after a 5-6 weeks off following the regular season. If you don't believe me take a look at bowl games in the past few years and it's the team with the most stable defenses that prevails because collegiate offenses are typically complex and timing has to be perfect. Unless you have a guy like A. Luck, T.Boyd (Clemson) or maybe UH's qb, the game always favor the best D. So eventhough I'm taking BAMA (b/c of running game and defense) over LSU, I think if LSU wins and remains undefeated their defense gives them the best chance to win it all (i.e. Stanford = exception) because LSU is accustom to playing without a stable Offense.
  21. Sorry 20th, this suspension shouldn't hurt LSU too bad vs. Auburn, but I guess the school felt that there was a need to publicize this unless it's a 2nd offense for Honey Badger and Ware. I just can't believe how the school would jeopardize a chance to earn MILLIONS (ntl title..win or lose) over a street drug test when the NCAA "Never" tests for ole Mary Jane (or synthetic Mary)! Mike Phelps, Carmello, Most NBA and NFL during season....now these guys. When will people get over mary and its usage w/n world class athletes, especially since it's not a "performance enhancer"? I wonder will schools ever do random Alcohol tests on Fri and Sunday/Monday am's? http://espn.go.com/b...for-auburn-game
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