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  1. Exactly. Nothing special about Carl's Jr. It gained alot of popularity when Paris Hilton appeared in its commercials all over California. I'd rather see In N Out!! It's pretty cool eating outside one in LA where you can watch the planes land at the same time...haha
  2. The reason Longhorn fans want OU to win is only because they beat OU, so it makes the Longhorns look good. That is the only good reason why i see Longhorns want OU to win.
  3. I heard on 610 radio that they can change the schedules as long as it a year's notice if the current scheduled opponent agrees to it. Whether they will do it or not, don't know. It is too late for 09-10', but they can change it for the following year.
  4. I wanna see Texas play USC and Florida as part of their non-conference shedule next year.
  5. TheNiche, Have you heard of BJM(Between Jobs Ministry)? It is a church group(Northwest Bible Church) that has an email distribution where people will post positions currently available. You have to physically attend one session to get your name on the email list. It is really worthwhile. The church is located in Spring, Texas. Give them a call. The info: Northwest Bible Church (281) 376-1110 5503 Fellowship Ln Spring, TX 77379
  6. Unfortunately, if we decide to trade him, most likely we won't be able to get anything comparable in return. He is damaged goods.
  7. it would've been great to see USC vs. Texas. instead, we got a laffer the other night.
  8. Where is this place located exactly? Any pics?
  9. Whatever happened to the Gallery Furniture Bowl?...lol
  10. I just wanna see an SEC vs Big 12 for all the marbles! It would be funny if USC somehow got to play for the national title and wins.
  11. It could be one of those 'knee' injuries just to keep him on the roster in case Rafer or Aaron goes down. I'm pretty sure he is healed up by now. It is nice to have a job paying you $5million to sit all day!
  12. no surprise really. les knew after they won those championships, that it was the end of the road for the comets. he was a smart business man selling the team when attendance fell. chancellor felt the same way and bailed out quick afterwards.looks like hilton will have to sell more furniture to pay for his loss. didn't he buy the team for 10 million?
  13. Yes, it is about $$. UT fans should gripe to DeLoss Dodds(UT athletic director) and the Big 12 for this. They and many other athletic directors and conferences agreed to the BCS .I want the BCS to implode also. The more controversy, the better...maybe then we will eventually get a playoff going.
  14. yes,all the more for a playoff system. if mizzou wins, people are gonna go that UT should've been ahead of OU anyway.
  15. Not much of a surprise. They were only .0084 ahead of OU. OU scores 61pts against a BCS ranked team on the road. I think no one should be surprised about this. What would really make things bad for the big 12 is if Mizzou beats OU in the big 12 title game.
  16. I think the other guys meant bombing the coastal villages where the pirates' ships are based out of. In the South China Sea back in the 70's and 80's, the pirates were after whatever they could find valuable on the ships they hijacked as well as raping women, children during the exodus of Vietnamese refugees. Most of the pirates back then were Thai, which ironically, the Somalian pirates hijacked a Thai vessel last week.They didn't demand millions of $$, so a different situation.
  17. I just think the Saudis shouldn't give in at all. I want to see what these pirates will really do. Will they really blow up the tanker?
  18. You sure it wasn't you driving the gunmetal with that black bra...lol
  19. Yeah, it could be Blackwater that they're looking to get help from. Blackwater was in negotiating with some country or company about providing security a few weeks ago.
  20. I was thinking about getting one. A brand new one is 79k right? Nissan was discouraging dealers to sell over MSRP when it came out earlier this year. Whether the dealers are heeding the advice, who knows. How many miles do you have on this already? Yes, this car screams! i|It has a few record times at Nurburging.BTW, this car looks alot better in person and has a monstrous look to it! You can say it is not photogenic. I saw someone drive one a couple of months ago with a bra.
  21. It looks like tomorrow is the deadline to hand over $25 million to these pirates for that Saudi tanker($100 million) they have as hostage. Interesting to see what happens if the Saudis don't give in.
  22. Hmm..strange. I was still able to get to the link.
  23. My understanding is that the current BCS points are a culmination of the season so far with the strength of schedule already factored in. With that being in mind, the .0084 that Texas has over OU will be gone if OU beats OSU according to the experts even if Texas wins big against A&M. OU just needs to beat OSU who is ranked in BCS whereas A&M is not. Texas needs for OU to lose to OSU in order to secure that lead. It would be nice if there was an explanation of the calculation on how the points are accumulated though. Here is what confuses me a bit. If OU loses to OSU, TT beats Baylor, UT beats A&M, then TT and UT tie for conference. TT will play for Big 12 conference title against Mizzou since they have the tiebreaker edge over UT. So how far will they leap in the BCS polls assuming they beat Mizzou? They're currently in 7th. It seems like UT is pretty screwed no matter what. Also, is it a certainty that the BCS will not allow the national title game to be between two Big 12 teams?
  24. Not sure how they calculate the points, but Texas is .0084 pts ahead of OU in the computer polls. That is as slim as you can get.
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