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  1. That's ok. Rockets had a great season. After next year, we can go after D Wade when he becomes a free agent. The Nuggets or Cavs will take care of the Lakers.
  2. Actually, i hope Kobe does go for 40 as long as the Rockets don't allow him to get his teammates involved. That will be a good sign for us. The key for us is limiting TURNOVERS and taking good shots. I also feel we should mix it up(going inside and also taking some 10-15 ft jumpers). Keep the Lakers guessing! The Rockets need to stick to their game plan of making Kobe take those jumpers and not penetrating to the hoop. We ca live with his 20-23 foot jumpers. If we lose by poor shooting, i can live with that, i just hate us having turnovers cause that doesn't give us any kind of shot. If we can keep this game close in the 4th quarter, you will see the Lakers kinda panic.
  3. The problem is that a flagrant 2 means automatic suspension for the next game. Unless the NBA uses common sense that was a hard foul, he will out for game 4. The bigger concern is Yao. Looks like he won't be playing. As well as the Lakers played, they never really put the Rox away. We still had our chances and it was like they were begging us to come back. The Rox can still make it interesting by winning tomorrow. Get rid of all those turnovers and BETTER DECISION making please!! I just want the Rox to push the Lakers to a 7th game so that Denver can crush them!
  4. Rockets will lose the series if they can't figure out a way to get the ball into Yao when he is fronted!
  5. Gina mispronounces,studders words quite a bit from what i've seen. This is bad for an anchor!
  6. How long does it take to learn how to fly a plane vs. helicopter? How expensive is it? I would love to get into it, but just wondering about the costs...especially after crashing which i would think is a frequent occurrence when starting out...haha
  7. I enjoy Ch. 11 alot! Lucy is great! I like Ch. 13 also, but Gina Gaston has to go!
  8. You should apply at Chevron. Great environment! Quite a few Engineers that i knew at Exxon went over to Chevron. They like it much better!
  9. When i worked at Exxon, i heard many good things from the engineers and geologists. They do work hard, but get paid handsomely!! Stressful, but worth it. Unfortunately, i worked in the IT area and my experience was not positive. I was a contractor which made it worse, but even some of the employees didn't really like the atmosphere and culture in UTEC(believe their name has changed) at the time.
  10. Heard on the news earlier, that he will be part owner of some bank in Memorial. The news biz has treated him well.
  11. True, but for unemployment benefits at TEC, you want to tell them you were laid off, not fired..
  12. I like Great Day Houston, but think they should've canned Debra Duncan! She stinks!
  13. I'd rather see Bob Allen retire. So who are the other ones getting laid off?
  14. Chinatown in downtown will exist in our memories only. It is forever gone from downtown! The movie theatre and the small, cramped grocery store were some fond memories...lol
  15. yep, this area is chinatown no more! midtown chinatown is gone too! everything is now at beltway and bellaire. the new expanding areas are west of dairy ashford on bellaire. yep, this area is chinatown no more! midtown chinatown is gone too! everything is now at beltway and bellaire. the new expanding areas are west of dairy ashford on bellaire.
  16. are there chemicals that you can apply to the lawn that will prevent dogs, cats to crap on it without killing the grass?
  17. Tim Tebow is expected to come back. Pro scouts don't have high regard for him right now, so his return to Florida gives them an early favorite to win it all. Texas and USC will be vying for that title next year also.
  18. Daniella Guzman is doing the news tonight! She is wearing bright yellow!
  19. The way i see it. When it comes down to one game, any team can be beaten especially when an opponent has several weeks to prepare. I can see Utah losing a series to OU, Texas, USC, and Florida, but for ONE game, they have a great chance of doing it. Again, we will never know until a playoff occurs, thus i can see why Kinkaid came up with that.
  20. I think the BCS poll will be slightly different when it comes out later today. 1) Florida 2) USC 3) Utah 4) Texas 5) Oklahoma
  21. i think if the game tonight is close, you won't see the losing team drop down that much. i'd say to 3rd. if it was lopsided, then yes.
  22. their best win of the year tonight against the celtics!!!
  23. I don't know about you guys, but i really think UT will drop in the final poll. I think this will be the final poll. 1. Florida(Florida beats OU Thursday) 2. USC 3. Oklahoma 4. Utah 5. Texas OR 1. Oklahoma(OU beats Florida Thursday) 2. USC 3. Florida 4. Utah 5. Texas
  24. the only time worth watching channel 2 is when daniella guzman is on.
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