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  1. Chevron shedding more jobs. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100309/ap_on_bi_ge/us_chevron_job_cuts
  2. I passed by there on my way home from work and it looks really nice!
  3. Speaking of Sarah, you can download her "Going Rogue" book. An interesting read.
  4. Shell Shipping Jobs Overseas http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/biz/6772312.html
  5. http://www.khou.com/news/Poll-results-H-Towns-11-Best-barbecue-joints-69966092.html HOUSTON -- After tallying the results for the latest 11 Best poll, one thing became crystal clear: Houstonians are serious about barbecue. We asked you for the best spots for barbecue in town, and we got an overwhelming response. Behold: The 11 Best barbecue joints in Houston, according to 11 News viewers: 11. No-Name Bar-B-Q 10. Central Texas Style BBQ 9. Carl’s BBQ 8. Rudy’s Country Store Bar-B-Q 7. The Swinging Door 6. Red River BBQ and Grill 5. Central Texas Bar-B-Q 4. Goode Company Barbecue 3. Burns Bar-B-Q 2. Thelma’s BBQ And there was a tie for first place between Joe’s BBQ on Highway 6 in Alvin and Big 6 Bar B Que on Highway 6 near Beechnut. (In the name of journalism, 11 News This Morning anchor Vicente Arenas checked out the top spots for himself, and he said he liked them so much, he was still full the next morning.)
  6. If we had Budinger, we would've beaten the Lakers. We couldn't hit our 3 pt shots.
  7. That ugly hotel is still there! It is still standing tall! The only thing i saw was the little building next to it being demolished a few weeks ago.
  8. sifuwong


    Any updates on new quality places that offer free or relative inexpensive cooking classes? It can be any type of dish. Thanks.
  9. Case was awesome last night, but the Cougars lost. They will be out of the top 20 now.
  10. Anyone know of companies in Houston hiring for professional green positions? Any solar companies hiring? Thanks.
  11. Don't know, but from the news report, it seems that alot of people are using these DNA firms. Then again, we also have private investigators involved in the monkey business.
  12. I'm curious about how much these condos are going for? What about fees? Thanks. http://www.mosaic-houston.com/floorplans.htm
  13. Actually, it is for a friend of mine. I told my friend about the news story who is interested in finding out if his SO is cheating. I can't recall the name of the firm in the news report. I believe it aired Wednesday?
  14. I had turned on the tv the other night and a local station(not sure which one?) had done a story about some private firm doing private DNA testing for spouses who suspect their SO of cheating. They also mentioned the firm doing different blood tests. Does anyone know which company they're talking about? I can't recall and it didn't help that i turned it on at the tail end of the story. Thanks.
  15. It looks like he is doing well! Check out the video. http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/sports/nba/090730_mcgrady_expects_return_elite_status
  16. Rockets made a good deal for Ariza. He is younger and has more upside. Also, i'm pretty sure T-Mac will be back playing before the end of this year. Also, i'm not 100% convince Yao won't return this season. I think if the surgery goes well and if the foot starts healing like it should, he will be back in April of 2010. I wouldn't be surprised to hear news in a few months that "Yao's healing foot has progressed nicely in which his return to the team might be possible this season".
  17. I believe it is closed down for good. Btw, why is 24hr Fitness not really 24hrs though?
  18. They're rebroadcasting this segment from earlier in the week tonite on NBC at 8pm Eastern time. You can watch it on their site also. Pretty cool stuff! Haven't seen any other president do this before. He even goes on an order for burgers during lunchtime..lol http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/
  19. Ron acting stupid again. What is 9x4! http://www.tmz.com/videos?autoplay=true&am...2d-06bc5cb00765
  20. All the furniture store owners around Houston decided one day to meet and discuss how to torch his warehouse.
  21. His home is for sale. The local Elsik kid is doing pretty well. http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont...?urn=nba,166872
  22. I think it is worth giving up Landry and Lowry for Emeka Okafor, who is also a young player. Emeka can play forward and center. Very versatile player who is a shot blocker and has a 10-12 ft jumper to go along with it. He won't just be a backup to give Yao some rest, but also do damage to the opposing team. He can be Yao's backup for sure and a Houston boy . I still think we need a bigger pt. guard. I can't see us having both Lowry and Brooks. One of them is going to be gone by next season.
  23. I say the Rockets should go ahead and pay the luxury tax. Les has made so much money, one year of paying this isn't gonna kill the team. I think we need to resign Artest for sure. Why anyone would question this is absurd unless he wanted the bank! Also, we need another center, not just a backup center, but a very good one, even one that is a starter. Maybe have Yao come off the bench. If we can get Emeka Okafor, that would be great. Give up Landry and Lowry or even Brooks for him if we can. Yao's contract is up after 2 more seasons i believe. Rockets shouldn't give him the max since he is injury prone. Playing for the Chinese National team is killing his career. Maybe the Rockets can provide some $$ to the Chinese Basketball Assoc to release Yao? After next season, T-Mac is off the Rocket's payroll, so they can go after DWade who is a free agent like Lebron. We can afford to pay DWade 20 mil/yr. The question is if he will want to come here. This might sound a bit too optimistic, but if T-Mac's knee makes great progess and he becomes the T-Mac of old, he can help us win that championship in 2nd half of season. He is expected to return around January.
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