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  1. Are you talking about China Garden?
  2. Can't really find my cds anymore? That is why i need to find a good site to buy some.
  3. Ok. Looks like that might be a bit off for you people. How about European New Wave from 80s?
  4. You will see him change or come around in years to come. Remember Jew Don Boney? He was pretty radical before he changed in order to be elected to city council. I see Quanell X doing the same one day. In order for him to be elected, he will have to change his radical ways. I see that happening in a few years, so this stance by him might be that gradual transition.
  5. I heard the new re-designed 2009 Honda Pilot is gonna look real nice!
  6. It will be the year that Houston regretted taking in Katrina evacuees. Crime shot up since then!!
  7. Yeah, this lady is a crook!! Hope she gets at least 5-10yrs.
  8. Also, cut your own yard. That can save you over $500 a year. Or, you can hire someone to do the yard work on a call basis.
  9. As of today, i would want this. Tomorrow i would probably want something else..
  10. sifuwong

    Italo Disco

    Did anyone listen to this in the 80s? I was trying to find a good site out there that lists some titles of songs that i have forgotten. Thanks.
  11. I remember hearing this song at club 6400 the first time i went in there. It was the mixed dance version though.
  12. I remember hearing this song at club 6400 the first time i went in there.
  13. Screw Comcast, i'm switching to DirectTV. Cheaper and more HD stations!!!
  14. So true, if you watch your local news, they just regurgitate the news from the AP wires, etc.
  15. Oh yeah, there are plenty of buddhist temples and gatherings in Houston.
  16. We didn't really deserve to win the game. We played 3 horrible quarters. Things will get better though. I really feel that this team would've gone 9-7 w/o all the major injuries this year. Oh well. I felt before the season started that we should've seeked a trade for Adrian Peterson by giving up Mario Williams. We should've at least given Dominick Davis a shot in training camp, but he wasn't even invited to camp.
  17. I think i might want to check this out!! Thanks for info.
  18. I might want to add also about car wrecks. Please keep driving and don't come to an almost complete stop to gawk at an accident scene. Especially, if the wreck is on the other side of the freeway!
  19. Ok. My bad on terminology. When i say yielding, i meant when 3 lanes become 2 lanes and the sign says 'left lane ending', so if i let the guy in the left lane in to the right lane, i am yielding for him when he should've been in the right lane ahead of time before the lane was about to end. So if he waits until the last second to move to the right lane, he should thank me or whoever was in the right lane. There are other different situations. Good point. I see this so many times.
  20. Why do alot of drivers here don't wave to thank other motorists yielding for them ? Houstonians keep bragging about how friendly and courteous they are, but they sure don't act like it. Oh...stop throwing things out of the car while driving when there are other cars behind you in the streets or highways. I don't care if it is a cigarette(use your ashtray),plastic cups, etc. or whatever, show some respect!!!
  21. It is not employees riding for free, but soon the employees will find a way to get their entire family and friends riding for free. That is the real problem!
  22. I've noticed the traffic is even worse in the past 2 weeks when they actually widened the lanes between First colony before the Grand Parkway exit. It goes to 4 lanes after First Colony before going back to 2 lanes about a mile before the Grand Parkway exit. Isn't traffic suppose to be better? In the past with the construction, it has been 2 lanes and the traffic was at least moving smoother and faster, but with the temporary 4 lanes, it has gotten worse. F*** up big time!! Gee, i wonder when people start moving into the Telfair area, how much worse it will be. Bad times ahead!!
  23. One thing i've learned is that no one truly owns a home. Even if you pay finish paying your mortgage or paid your house in cash, but don't pay your property taxes or HOA dues, you will still lose your house...lol
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