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  1. How is this going by the way? Any problems with the service since you last got it a couple of months ago?
  2. I bought one last year from Microcenter on Black Friday and it hasn't disappointed me yet. Just an awesome tv. You are correct in their price undercutting to get their name out. Vizio also has been getting their name out. That is the reason why Sharp Aquos has dropped its price also. Sharp had a friends and family deal going on last month by cutting their 42" sets for like 49% off. Nowdays, you can find good deals just about anywhere if you are vigilant, but the great deals still are on Black Friday.
  3. Well, i can tell you countless times how many don't stop at stop signs.
  4. I'll bet he would go back to local sports if he was running the show at any of those tv stations. He lives here and likes it here. I talked to him several years ago at a Borders Books(Westheimer&Gessner). He loves local sports, but also loved doing college football games or analysis. He seemed like the type to run a show and would not be second fiddle to anyone. Maybe when Ch. 13 decides to fire Bob Allen and Tim Melton...knock on wood.. then he'll be offered the job.
  5. Nasty.ghetto lookin' rims on those cars!! Back in the day, it used to be called Freaknic weekend.
  6. FYI, MicroCenter will have great deals on HDTVs again like they did last year. They will sell Olevia Syntax HDTVs. These incredible deals will be on Black Friday. You will have to get in line early(around 2am) at the store. If you plan on buying a 42" or 37", it should be ok. Most people don't spend that much, so less buyers, but the 32" ones will sell fast!!
  7. Anyone have a list of the ones in downtown?
  8. Channel 11 hands down!! They have a good variety and what i like most are local stories about relevant issues concerning Houstonians . Channel 13 comes in 2nd . I would give Fox 26 a close 3rd.
  9. Well, if they ride like they own the road like most bicyclists in this city do, then it is gonna happen more often!
  10. Many former residents of Sugarland are moving to Richmond where homes are now relatively inexpensive. However, i think in a few years, home prices will skyrocket also.
  11. Check tirerack.com . A couple of months ago, i got 40 bucks rebate on 4 tires from Kumho. They have specials from other tire manuf also.
  12. the sports director for Ch 13. Bob Allen is terrible. Tim is good, but Spencer is the best in my opinion.
  13. Lance was the best!! He was the most knowledgeable guy on radio. He knew his sh**. The others stink!! The least knowledgeable was John Granato. This guy sucked!!!
  14. This would be nice to see. Haven't been to one in about 10yrs.
  15. Aapchad Nowdays, you don't get much of a backyard in many subdivisions from alot of builders. Something that i've seen over the past several years. Also, have you noticed that the construction looks like it has slowed down over the past couple months? It doesn't seem like alot of frames are up yet. At least from my view when i am driving on 59s past First Colony.
  16. Bicyclists need to avoid being runned over by motorists. Streets are for cars, trucks! Get on the side or you will be runned over!! If you want to ride your bike, go to Memorial Park! If you want to ride your bike, tell your subdivision, city, county or whatever to create bike lanes like they do in San Francisco. Otherwise, gamble with your life!
  17. Interesting how Lance is on here, but David Carr isn't...LOL...You know this list is a farce when this happens..
  18. My problem has been with people and bicyclists not using the sidewalks in the subdivisions. They're walking and riding in the street where motorists can run them over.
  19. Traffic was better when they kept the 2 lanes with ongoing construction until a couple of months ago. Now, they widened it to 4 lanes past First Colony, then back to 2 lanes after University. This has made traffic worse. They should've just kept it at 2 lanes until they completely finish construction by end of next year.
  20. Mikelee, Sugarland is fine for singles also. There are the bars and places to hang out there also. Low crime rate compared to other places. If you're really concerned about crime, pack some heat!! Most of my friends have a concealed handgun and i am thinking about getting a handgun. Also, for some reason single Asian males tend not to be victims of crime, but i have been.. Don't know why, but my Asian male friends have never been mugged, robbed, etc.
  21. Speaking of grocery stores, which one ssells acai berries? I know HEB doesn't.
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