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  1. He is all the rage now in every country!!!!!!!!!!!....lol [/media]
  2. Does anyone with inside info know which political side the local news anchors, reporters in Houston are on? Dominique Sachsa, Dave Ward, Bill Balleza, etc.
  3. so i guess i should wait till late October if i don't want to wait in long lines.....
  4. A couple of years ago, MIT had offered free courses too...not sure if there is a list of the universities doing this nowdays.
  5. They did a Sony RX-100 comparison: http://www.stevehuff...own-in-for-fun/
  6. Is Trader Joes basically a Whole Foods type of store with cheaper prices on organic food?
  7. how much are they paying him? i like the move.
  8. Or build a retractable roof for every sport facility we have or will build for the games.
  9. The format is fine, but i agree on how they have these stupid stories or the narrator trying to be funny....
  10. oh yeah, at least they can breathe outside in the summer.
  11. With the heat in Houston, i doubt there will ever be an Olympics here..
  12. i can see why many in the industry wouldn't like it since they would likely be out of a job...as far as the format, i like it...just wished it was more no nonsense type and just real local news and less of the fluff stories.
  13. I like this format and wished every station would do this...no need for anchors...i do think channel 39 needs more real stories instead of some stupid ones that they put in for comedic relief, but i like this format. Any chance that this type of format will be a trend for the future?
  14. Here is an 80s Italo/Euro/New Wave Synth song:
  15. This guy is great at explaining everything about photography...i suggest looking at his videos...
  16. The Sony RX100 is out....awesome high end point and shoot.. http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/27/3187725/sony-rx100-review
  17. pretty easy to figure out...just go to hcad...btw, i think khou is trying to become more blonde now....
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