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  1. So i heard they are building out there, but when i drove around, i couldn't find any new sections that are building right after exiting Williams Way. Where are the new subdivisions? All i see are the old ones that have been around for years.
  2. Does anyone know which sections are still building new homes? Thanks.
  3. how were you able to get through the gate arms with your cars unless you paid for a ticket? or did you just walk through the garage and go up the stairs or something?
  4. i noticed some of the night shots were taken from above...do they let people in the buildings or something at night? some of the shots were taken at least 10-15 stories high.
  5. Yes, just phone calls..nothing fancy...didnt realize Amazon had phones that cheap...will these work with Tmobile sim card?
  6. My elderly father keeps losing his cellphone. i have bought him like 4 over the past 2yrs due to this. I usually buy them on craigslist for like 10-20 bucks each, but unsuccessful this time around. Is there a place around town that sells old cell phones, preferably, tmobile ones? normally i just remove his sim card and put in the phone i buy, so any old one that works is fine. it would be even better if the phone came with a charger. I am reluctant to buying him a new phone(usually over $120) since he will likely lose or break this one too.
  7. i'm waiting for UTotem to make a comeback again...lol
  8. Does anyone know who that reporter at the 2:13 mark of video? I believe he was one of Houstons' reporters years ago, but can't recall...Anyone? Can't believe what he did...maybe that is why i haven't seen him on tv in years now.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gZhRfx2qLc
  9. She really looks good! I remember they used to have some gal named Andrea Gomez a while back, but this one looks much better.
  10. kubiak needs to go...poor decision making plays....he is not the answer.! schaub isn't the answer either but with a smart coach, he could lead us to the super bowl...btw, does anyone know if schaub's contract was going to end this year? if so, why didn't the texans wait till the end of this year to decide whether to extend him to that 60mil contract that he received back this past september.
  11. does anyone have a recommendation of a good ear, nose, and throat specialist in houston? preferably one that is around the medical center, but anywhere will do..thanks.
  12. The best QB is Rogers right now, but the best team is the 49ers...i expect them to win the Super Bowl over the Ravens...the Texans just weren't good enough on defense or offense against the Pats...i believe the Raven's defense is good enough to stop the Pats and win a close game. Whether the Pats or Ravens make it the SB, either team will lose to the 49ers. Kubiak needs to be fired...some bad call he made along with not getting his defense prepared for the Pat's hurry up offense and also during the Texan's comeback, he seemed to let Schaub take his time in getting the offense rolling at the line which ate up some good clock. Schaub isn't the answer either, but we have to roll with him since there is nothing else better out there. I wish Kubiak would get canned, but McNair loves him too much. Bill Cowher is itching to get back into coaching now. Schaub signed a 60mil extension earlier in the season, so he is a Texan for a long time.
  13. Adorama is having a sale on entry level full frame camera: Nikon D600 Digital SLR Camera with Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S VR Lens - Bundle - with Adorama VIP Member Extended Protection Plan, 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card, Camera Case, Spare Battery, External Battery Charger, Remote Trigger, WiFi Mobile Adapter, Cleaning Kit $1,997 with free shipping and no tax for Texas.
  14. What is he up to now? Btw, Kristine Galvan wasn't wearing a wedding ring at her anchor desk this evening...i recall Fox 26 had a brief segment 2 yrs ago where she did a report on the Houston housing and how she was able to get a great deal on a townhome with her new husband. That sure was a short marriage.
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