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  1. I see lots of wonderful photographs of the very early days of Houston ... what is generally available on various Houston photography archives both in person (Houston Public Library's photo archive, Story Sloane, etc) and digitally (any number of excellent websites & digital archives). What I would love to see more of, are various scenes around Houston in the 1980s ~ 1990s. I thought of this while driving on "Upper Kirby" over the weekend, as I was explaining to my girlfriend (who recently moved to Houston) what Kirby looked like in the late 80s/early 90s. I've lived here since 1987, so I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. Anyhow, as I tried to explain the 80s/early 90s scene to her, I could hardly remember it myself! I think it would be nearly unrecognizable to see a 30 year old photo of it. It would be fun to see some photographs of Westheimer, the Galleria, Rice Village, various movie theaters and restaurants (interiors or exteriors), during the early days of Houston's *rebirth* since the 80s crash, and onward through the 90s. This may be too broad an idea to get off the ground, but I figured it would be worth a shot. As I'll be going home to visit my family for the holiday weekend coming up, I'll try to kick this off myself by going through some older family photo albums to see if there are any photos of interest. If there are, I'll digitize them by any means necessary and attach them to the thread. I encourage you to do the same! Ben
  2. http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-34348516

    Your work got a little exposure here - well done.

  3. I feel half bad for posting this both on Flickr, and on HAIF, becasue a lot of my flickr buddies are HAIFers and vice versa. But in any case, I'm really enjoying this project, so what the heck .... Many of you likely already know this, but the Library of Congress photo archive has a number of historic panoramic photographs of downtown Houston. These photos were taken by reputable panographers of the era, such as Haines Photo Co., Cecil Thomson Studios, Texas Litterst Commercial Photo Co. (who this wonderful 1924 photo), and my personal favorite, F. J. Schlueter. I wanted to take this shot from the exact same place (Keystone Building, which is now the Keystone Lofts), but my requests to Keystone's management fell on deaf ears more than once. No soup for them!!! In any case, I got on top of a parking garage a few blocks from the original spot, so the effect is at least a resemblance of what I had in mind. Kudos to the Library of Congress' historic photo archive for hosting these beautiful historic Houston photographs.
  4. Hey I hear that. 17mm is pretty wide, and @ 2.8, it's fast enough to be a slick walk-around, whereas the spectacular (should-be-L) 3.5 10-22 definitely sacrifices speed for width, which makes it a bit of a challenging walk-around lens without a tripod.
  5. You may need to either install or update Silverlight. Thanks Highway6! I'm surprised you needed a reboot. Silverlight should be a streamlined install. In any case, glad you got to check it out. As far as 70mm is concerned, this is on a crop sensor (Canon 40D), so on a full frame 35mm sensor, it would be the equivalent of ~112 mm. Thanks for the compliments!
  6. This is a 1.2-gig, 416-megapixel panorama of the downtown Houston skyline, facing West. This was taken from the top of the St. Joseph parking garage. The image is made up of 22 portrait photos wide x 4 rows, @ 70mm. See if you can spot the guys partying on the Houston House Apartments balcony. Also, check out the Galleria area. Hope you enjoy! http://www.houstonim...pro.com/dz.html (scroll to zoom in/out, click and drag to look around) Also, full-screen it w/ the icon @ the top-right corner.
  7. Very nice walk-around, Laurie! As was previously mentioned, the angles you got on these buildings are quite unique. I like these shots a lot. You've really got a nice creative edge with your wide-angle work.
  8. Stellar shots/access!!!! I've always wanted to see the inside of this place. Kodus for getting in and snapping some very nice shots!
  9. Very nice photos. A lot of very cool buildings have gone up, and are going up around this part of town. There's one in particular I really like, right on I-10 somewhere between Greenhouse and Hwy 6. It's being built right now, and nearing completion. It's located along the feeder road, on the South side of 10. Toyota just build a brand new absolutely beautiful campus just east of Eldridge, about a mile or so south of 10. I've been meaning to get out there and do some shooting soon. Thanks for posting these!!
  10. This is a remarkable set of photos. Excellent work!!! And thanks for sharing.
  11. Bravo!!!! What a cool set of photos and story to go along with it. I really enjoyed that. I've lived in Houston all of my life, and you summed it up pretty well there. Also, the pictures you took are very well exposed, crisp, and nice to look through. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Very cool shot. Bill did a quasi-series of really neat shots taken from highways around Houston.
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