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  1. Finally, an interesting glass high rise residential tower in Houston. I didn't think that was possible here.
  2. The old Conoco campus is their new HQ. That article was incorrect.
  3. Very classy move by Heugel. I'm very interested to see what happens to that space. Even though Westheimer has become an incredible restaurant row, I love the hipster pockets that maintain the "alternative" roots of Montrose. I hope this becomes another dance club, hooka lounge, tattoo parlor, etc and not a wine bar or restaurant.
  4. Given how well the River Oaks portion of Westheimer turned out, it would be nice to string together a stretch all the way from Midtown to the Galleria without power line clutter. Does anyone have insight on when this project would start? Is it approved and funded?
  5. Does anyone know if this project contemplates burying the power lines?
  6. Great news for the neighborhood.
  7. I actually think the way these buildings will be situated on each site will limit the obstruction of views. Both are excellent projects, in my opinion, and probably 2 of the better high-rise additions to the city in the last 5 years.
  8. Might as well. It hardly carries any car traffic as it is.
  9. Nothing new. They're trying to lease the office building, haven't had any deals yet but are getting interest from mid-sized energy firms and financial institutions. I think the residential and hotel is slated to go forward with the office waiting on preleasing.
  10. I assume they will but not sure...I walked.
  11. Just edited the subject. I had started it prior to knowing what was being built there. They did a good job with the parking lot. I was a little worried but it is an aesthetically pleasing parking lot that doesn't really detract from the street view. Well done. I tried the bar and it's not my thing but I can see it going over well with Aggies, etc. Even if it fails it's a nice structure for whatever would replace it.
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