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  1. I haven't lived over there for many years, but my parents still do. It's changed so much - it's all concrete now. The whole area was still pretty much wide open spaces when I escaped Dobie in '75. The whole Southbelt area seems so congested and compact now. But I do remember....
  2. I searched the topic and didn't see any previous posts. Anyone go to summercamp at Camp Manison? If I recall, it was near Manvel Tx. I remember the ground-level trampolines, horses and farm. Later I went to some company picnic's on the campgrounds. I moved away, not sure whatever became of it.
  3. The pizza place was Vauderville Pizza. C & D is still there, my parents still live out there and eat there quite often. Heck, I remember when C & D was a Dairy Queen.
  4. OOPs- I see now I was late in the No-No post. Apologies for the redundancy.
  5. My gosh, this thread brought back a long forgotten memory. KVVV had a kids show 'No-No The Clown' and I believe No-No lived close by because I occasionally saw a van with the No-No logo on Beamer Road, early 1970's. I seem to recall that No-No's son may have also been on the show, as sidekick 'Yes-Yes'.
  6. Anyone remember or attend the Texas Prison Rodeo up in Huntsville? I was a little young at the time I guess, but I heard stories over the years that it was quite a show.
  7. I do remember hearing your name on the air Frank. Man, you were around here during some great news days. God Bless.
  8. Does anyone know if these two Brown Sugars BBQ locations are the same owner? They seem to have the same menu and same decorating style, but the website only mentions the Almeda location.
  9. Wasn't Spring Creek Park called Tomball State Park back then? I seem to remember swimming in that creek years ago, now all off limits. That creek was quite popular back then.
  10. Went to lots of Friday night midnight movies there mid to late 70's .... Kentucky Fried Movie, Dawn of the Dead, too many to remember. The place was packed back in those days. 1 big screen. Often caught a midnight movie after spending a couple hours at 'The Nesadel Club' which could be a topic of its own!
  11. I moved away so long ago that my memory has failed on where the Beverly Hills pit used to be exactly, but it does sound like it might be the current Windmill lakes location. I remember it as a huge deep pit. A guy down the street from me had a huge magnet and used to regularily troll the pit for metal - he latched on to motorcycle engine one time.
  12. There used to be a huge sandpit/lake just outside the Beverly Hills subdivision (off Kingspoint). I remember that there were frequent drownings there in the late 1960's, early 1970's. I'm just wondering if they ever filled that hazard up.
  13. There used to be a terrific model shop on Strawberry in Pasadena - 'Grant's'. They had a huge collection of balsa planes, engines, and accessories, and lots of Revell model car kits too. Built a Revell model of the Batmobile. Man, I haven't thought about that Revell stuff for years. Great memories. Makes me feel sad for kids today.
  14. Forget the R/C stuff! How about setting the wayback machine for U-Control!! I built and flew a VooDoo with a Fox .35 on 60' control lines. Lightenin' fast and loads of fun. Good memories.
  15. I haven't been able to attend the rodeo for several years. One thing I remember is that monkey riding the dog around the ring. They still do that?
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